For the Whole Family ~ Duck Dynasty, Seasons 1-3 Collector’s Edition DVD Set

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Keep the camo-clad Robertsons in your sights at all times with this DUCK DYNASTY gift set from A&E.

With these down-home millionaires from Louisiana, there’s always somebody up to something that you can rest assured somebody else isn’t going to like.

See what happens when Willie hosts his own radio show, but makes the mistake of bringing Uncle Si on the air with him. Watch how his employee retreat fails to build trust among the Duck Commander team. And you’ll want to catch Jase’s plans to prevent Missy from finding out he’s lost his second, newly replaced wedding ring.

But the Robertsons never back down from a challenge, always taking on new adventures. Whether it’s a family cooking;


or football competition; a blind leap into winemaking; a spontaneous road trip in the RV; or their run-ins with critters of all kinds, this clan makes the most of their funny business. And now you can, too.

But please, don’t fight over who gets to wear the enclosed DUCK DYNASTY bandana!

We’ve caught episodes of Duck Dynasty here and there when we have time on A&E, and now I’m so glad that we can laugh along at the good clean fun the Robertson family has together anytime we want. 

My parents had never seen the show before although my mom had heard of the ‘bearded duck guys,’ and so we put the first disc of the set in so they could watch.  It was so much fun to watch their reactions to the show (especially to Phil and Si), and my Dad just loved it when they went out into the bush and blew things up!  My mom couldn’t decide whether she was intrigued or grossed out by the cooking segments. LOL.

Duck Dynasty Seasons 1-3 Collector’s Edition DVD set makes a great gift for the person who enjoys the outdoors, is already a Duck Dynasty fan, or those who like reality tv.  Kids of all ages from Kindergarten to Grandpa and Grandma can watch the show together.  And who knows you might learn a thing or two, like how to make fried squirrel!

You can find the Collector’s Edition DVD set on for a list price of $49.98 (but I’m writing this post they are selling it for just $34.49 so grab it while you can at that price!).

11 thoughts on “For the Whole Family ~ Duck Dynasty, Seasons 1-3 Collector’s Edition DVD Set

  1. heee. we're watching duck dynasty right now! they have an empire- we even saw duck dynasty duck tape at the store!!!

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