For Dads ~ World War II: The 3-Film Blu-Ray Collection

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Ever since he was a small boy my husband has been enthralled with history, specifically the time period surrounding World War II.  It might be because his dad had so many stories to tell from World War II, and likely also because the community we group up in most every family had immigrated right around that time because of the situation in Europe.

If his favorite science fiction or fantasty shows aren’t on, he’s tuned in to the History Channel.  He’s also quite technologically minded and demands the clearest images and sharpest sound for what he watches (I think it’s just because he’s getting old personally ).  So I have no doubt that he will be quite happy to receive World War II: The 3-Film Blu-Ray Collection for Christmas.

This extraordinary and groundbreaking new Blu-ray collection from HISTORY® offers three perspectives to deconstruct the deadliest conflict in human history:

WWII in HD, the first documentary to show original color footage of WWII in sharply enhanced high definition, brings the conflict to life with journals and accounts of those who served in the war’s biggest battles.

In the critically acclaimed WWII in HD: The Air War, you’ll feel the fear and exhilaration of a battlefield 30,000 feet in the air, as you accompany the U.S. Air Force on aerial missions fighting for control of the skies. From the devastation of the Blitz in Britain to the final dogfights over Europe, extraordinary archival footage – in color and in HD for the first time – re-creates historic fights like never before.

And in WWII from Space, you’ll witness the war through an all-seeing CGI eye offering a “satellite” view from above. Highlighting the war’s ten key tipping points, the film places major events in global perspective while illustrating the hidden ripple effects of crucial incidents.

There’s still time to get this for Christmas for the History Buff on your list.  You can order World War II: The 3-Film Blu-Ray Collection on for $25.49.

13 thoughts on “For Dads ~ World War II: The 3-Film Blu-Ray Collection

  1. my brother chris would love this! he's a big history buff ANNNNND just got a bluray. you may have just solved christmas!

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