For After School #HotPocketSnacks Are a Yummy Choice for Both Kids & Adults ~ #CBias

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Just because we homeschool doesn’t mean that when school is done we don’t have that “after school snack” craving. Actually we probably need it more than anyone, because we’ll often forget to break for lunch! When the afternoon rolls around and we’re done for the day, sometimes we’re starved .

A product that is in our grocery cart nearly every week are Nestlé’s Hot Pockets. They are our go to, back to school snacks or dinner especially when we’re busy, because they’re easy to make and they taste great. Certain selections, like the Lean Pockets, are even quite healthy as they are made with whole grain, are a good source of fiber and have less fat and calories then other frozen food choices.

The other day Amber and I headed out to run some errands, and we stopped in the Walmart frozen aisle to pick up a few varieties of #HotPocketSnacks to have on hand to ward off those afternoon hunger pains.

Want to see our entire shopping #HotPocketSnacks shopping experience?  Visit our Google+ Photo Album to see what else we looked at and bought at Walmart.

One of the newer products that our Walmart has been carrying in the Hot Pockets selection is the Hot Pocket Snackers, they come in different flavors but Amber wanted to try the Five Cheese Ravioli. These make super snacks for after school, or for when the gang is watching football games or even before bedtime.  I’m loving these as a mom for snack ideas because they’re baked not fried.

Hot Pockets Snackers Five Cheese Ravioli…also tasty with sauce.

I can’t tell you how eager I was to have MY after school snack of Hot Pockets Pretzel Bread Cheddar Bacon Melt. I love bacon. And cheddar. And pretzel bread. Oh nom nom.

Oh did I mention it’s an excellent source of calcium. That balances out the whole bacon thing, right?!

Not just for after school, but after work snacks too! My husband likes the Lean Pockets Ham and Cheddar variety.

He seriously eats these about once a week in our home. One of the “Pockets” is just over a dollar, similar to the price of a candy bar, but much healthier to snack on. And it’s so easy to put in the crisping sleeve and then just pop in the microwave.

So cheesy!

#HotPocketSnacks – good for after school, after work, quick dinners and even breakfast! As the crisping sleeve on my Pretzel Bread reminded me

Do you eat Hot Pockets in your home? When do you eat them and what variety is your favorite?

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Nestle #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions are my own.

41 thoughts on “For After School #HotPocketSnacks Are a Yummy Choice for Both Kids & Adults ~ #CBias

  1. those look really good,I know my grown kids would like them,an maybe the grandkids too

  2. I've tried the pretzel spinach & cheese variety, but now I have to try the cheddar bacon one too! These could be addicting!

  3. We have these all the time. I personally like the philly cheese steak but everyone here has their favorites. Great to take to work as well as a quick fast yummy snack

  4. It sounds like there are a lot of new varieties of these since we last tried them. I think we will be trying some of the new flavors real soon. Thanks for a great review.

  5. Yes, we eat Hot Pockets. I wish we had the selection you do! The pretzel bread, the snackers and the lean pocket ham & cheese all look delicious. We usually get the egg ones or the regualar ham & cheese. My son loves these for lunch.

  6. We do eat Hot Pockets, mostly Lean Pockets in the afternoon as a snack. I love the Chicken Parmesan flavor best!

  7. I love Hot Pockets! Take them to work quite often for lunch and they also make an awesome snack!

  8. My kids love these – the four cheese pizza and the pretzel bread smoked turkey and cheese are their current favorite!

  9. my kids enjoy the different snacker ones even though they don't care for the regular hot pockets

  10. I love Hot Pockets and always have them in the freezer. Easy snack for the kids to prepare themselves. I havent seen the Hot Pockets Pretzel Bread Cheddar Bacon Melt yet, but I'm going to look for them. They look good and I think my daughters would like them.
    Thanks for the review!

  11. I would love to try the snackers! They look so good – and I would bring them for lunch for me!

  12. We love Hot Pockets, they are so easy to make, my kids can heat them up in the microwave if I'm not home

  13. We eat a lot of the hot pockets. They are quick tasty meal

    Have not tried the snackers but they look good too!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  14. I didn't know Hot Pockets made smaller Snackers. They look great…I want to try them!

  15. yes my family loves hot pockets and my favorite is the philly steak and cheese 🙂

  16. We always have plenty of Hot Pockets in the freezer. They are great for weekend lunches or dinners. I love the Ham and Cheese ones.

  17. we eat a lot a hot pockets in our home but I didn't know their were so many different kinds. I do like the pretzel bread hot pockets though.

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