Applegate All Natural Deli Meats ~ Give Away

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Applegate, a supplier of all natural meat products, is pleased to provide parents the option of having all natural deli meats for your back to school lunches.

As part of The Moms Meet Ambassador Program, we tried the Roasted Turkey variety , but in addition to that kind and to ensure that there is something for everyone to like, they also have other varieties some of which include, Black Forest Ham and Genoa Salami.

They are made with only natural ingredients. “Natural” can mean many things, but when you see it on the label of Applegate deli meats, you know the meat inside is guaranteed to be the real deal. The Roasted Turkey Deli Meat that we got from Applegate had these three ingredients; turkey, water, salt. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. No antibiotics and no added nitrates or nitrites.

I LOVE this deli meat, it tastes good. I highly recommend that people who have an interest in serving their family all natural and organic foods try them.

As is with most natural and organic foods though, the price is higher than what I usually spend on sandwich meat, about $1.00 more per package. We don’t eat deli meat a lot, so it’s not too much of a big deal as I’d only buy a package or two at a time anyway, but I can see if you have a large family how that extra dollar could add up if you purchase five or six packs at a time.

Sandwiches are an American lunch box staple, and even if you change up what’s inside the slices of bread it can get old both for the maker and the eater. So here are a few tips for making a creative lunch.

1. Get fun kitchen tools like FunBites and Sandwich Cutters – you can use it to cut up deli meats, bread, cheese and fruit into shapes and/or bite size pieces. These are also great to make ‘lunch kabobs’ alternating the bread, meat and cheese on a skewer.

2. Dip, Dip, Dip – a little container filled with salad dressing, cottage cheese, cream cheese, honey, hummus…whatever! Kids like to dip their food, and they’re more likely to eat raw vegetables or other healthy items if they can dip it before popping it in their mouth!

3. Lunch doesn’t have to be cold – Invest in a stainless steel thermos for you children. Soup, pasta or hot dogs work well for lunches when kept warm in them. It’s a nice change of pace from a sandwich, and in winter they’ll appreciate it on cold days!

The product locator on their website will help you find your favorite Applegate deli meat at a supermarket near you or you can shop at the Applegate Store online.

Real Food Has A Story

Deli lovers can also sign up for the mailing list at to get the latest updates and news Applegate has to offer. You can also connect with them on their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

Applegate has supplied me with a free product coupon to give to two readers so that they can try Applegate All Natural Deli Meats.

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37 thoughts on “Applegate All Natural Deli Meats ~ Give Away

  1. I learned that their Natural Herb Turkey Breast is a 2012 pick
    for Self Magazine's Healthy Food Awards.

  2. there is a recipe for French Onion soup with crispy bacon that I know that my family would love.

  3. Applegate Farms over the last 20 years has beeen helping preserve nearly 300 family farms

  4. I learned that their Organic Original Beef Hot Dogs do not contain added nitrites only the naturally occurring variety, which is so cool. Thanks!

  5. I learned that Parents magazine called their Family Size Chicken Nuggets out as a "Packaged Pick" and a healthfulfrozen alternative to home made chicken strips

  6. Their store locator is on the fritz. I could not tell if the company distributes products in our area.

  7. I learned that they have a lot more products than I was aware of, and that I will try their hotdogs, bacon and cheese soon!

  8. I learned that they do not add "finely textured beef" to their products.

  9. I learned that you can plug in the barn code on their new packaging, and see an ever-evolving series of videos that tell the story behind their products.

  10. I learned that Parents magazine called their Family Size Chicken Nuggets out as a "Packaged Pick" and a healthfu lfrozen alternative to home made chicken strips. I love these products! I get them at Target and Publix.

  11. I learned they have a delicious Pear Apple Pasta Salad recipe and many more !

    Thanks for the tasty giveaway!

  12. I learned that they also have dinner sausages and all their organic meat is from animals that are humanely raised. So great!

  13. A GMO is a Genetically Modified Organism.

    An organism is “genetically modified” if its genetic material has been changed in a way that does not occur under natural conditions through cross-breeding or natural recombination.

    We never use GMO feed in our Organic program and we try to use non-GMO feed in our Natural program as much as possible. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100% non-GMO feed in the Natural program due to an increasingly limited supply.

    Also, we don’t use any GMO ingredients in our Organic program.

  14. I learned that non of their products contain MSG which is great as most of my family is allergic to any foods containing it.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  15. i learned that their Organic Original Beef Hot Dogs do not contain added nitrites!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

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