Flowfold ~ Wallets from Waste Sailcloth

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I’m both giddy and a bit anxious on attending my first blog conference in March. I’m going to Blissdom in Dallas, and am hoping to not only solidify some blog friendships that I’ve made online, but network with brands and PR as well. And to tell you the truth, I’ll feel a little bit like I’m back in grade school, back when we traded scratch & smell stickers and Pogs (have I aged myself yet) – but this time it will be with business cards.

Yep, I have a whole stack of them ready to go, already inserted into my new Flowfold Tarjetero Card Wallet.

Now this is important to me, because last time I went on a media trip I remembered my business cards….when I was on the plane to Chicago. DOH! So even though Blissdom is about 3 weeks away, I’ve already put my business cards in my carry on so I can’t forget them. Phew! One less thing to worry about.

These Flowfold card wallets have a pretty slim profile and are made from an incredibly strong material, sailcloth (which is good because knowing me, I’ll drop it at least a 1/2 dozen times over the course of the two days).

Flowfold products are built with the same high tech racing sailcloths used by the world’s sailing elite. These cloths are composed of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or Polyester matrixes sandwiched between Mylar films. They are the toughest, lightest and most resilient cloths in the world due to their high tensile strength to weight ratios and ideal modulus of elasticities.

But it is not just any sailcloth, Flowfold products are made from scrap, blemish and discontinued stock – so making & buying Flowfold items redirects non-biodegradable material from sitting in a landfill. Recycling/Upcycling at its finest!

So I’m hoping to come home from Blissdom with my Tarjeteros empty, meaning I networked so much I have no cards left! And then I guess, I’ll have to order some more business cards to fill them up again for the next trip 🙂

If you are interested in seeing the different products Flowfold has to offer and learn more about the company visit their website, and/or checkout their Facebook page.

Tammy Litke received a media sample for review. All opinions are her own.

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