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Join Me at the MADD #PowerOfParents Twitter Workshop on 8/14

You've seen that I've written about the importance of keeping an open dialogue and talking about underage drinking with my teenager.  In just over a week we're going to be dropping her off at college and while I trust she's going to make smart decisions, I can't say the same for the rest of her peers

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Be Sure to Prepare Your Teenage Daughter to "Arrive In Style"

As parents it's our duty to protect our kids and that includes giving them sound advice and being good examples for them when it comes to driving.

You don't want to be getting a call from the police with the worst case scenario.  Ever. 

Whether they're fresh out of the DMV with their learner's permit or they're first time drivers at seventeen or eighteen, chances are your teens (especially girls) are distracted by peers and cell phones in the vehicles they're driving.

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Help Teens Drive Safely this Summer: Giveaway

With school out, summer is filled with fun activities and new freedoms for teens, such as driving the family car (or learning to drive!).  However, keeping teen drivers safe from harm can be a big concern for parents, especially with summer being the dealiest time of year for teenage motor fatalities.  That's why we wanted to share some steps you can take today to help your teens become a safer driver year round.

The tips and resources below may not only keep your teen and others free from harm, but also could save you money on insurance.

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Toyota and Teen Vogue Arrive in Style (Giveaway)

Arrive in Style

I have a 17 year old daughter.  That means I'm around a lot of teenage girls.  And while my daughter is not an average teenager (she doesn't have a cell phone!), I know what other girls her age are doing.  Texting, Instagramming, Facebooking, Tweeting - and unfortunately that often happens while they're driving.  Because of that Toyota and Teen Vogue developed a safe driving campaign "Arrive in Style," to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving among teenage girls and inspire them to make a mutual commitment with their mothers to drive safely.

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Act Out Loud: Teen Driving Contest

One of the things that we learned about at the Allstate Teen Driving Summit back in July was the Act Out Loud contest. We were under a non-disclosure agreement about it until now, because registration wasn't open for it until September 4th and they didn't want any group getting an unfair advantage over another because they already knew about it (wink).

A group of students from Idaho was at the summit representing the school that won last years competition.

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The Basics of Graduated Driver Licensing

GDL is a three-step process designed to help teens gain experience and build skill while minimizing common risks such as the use of cell phones cell use, passenger distractions, and nighttime driving.

It’s a game-winning strategy for helping teens be safe behind the wheel.

Step 1: Permit

A teen may obtain a Permit first after successfully passing a written test and in some states after completing behind the wheel training.

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What’s Being Done in Our Communities to Educate on Teen Driving Safety

While on the surface the statistics that I gave earlier in the month about Teen Driving look scary, the inroads that keep being made to keep our teens safe when driving are numerous. It was an encouraging thing to hear and see the different organizations in communities all across the country that are working towards implementing laws and educating parents and teens on driving safety.

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Teen Driving Statistics

When I turned 16 my parents had three teenage drivers in their home. My brother was 18 and my sister, 19. Now that I have a 16 year old and think about her driving…I honestly don’t know how my mom and dad slept at night when we were out!

I learned some interesting statistics at The Allstate Foundation #60Summit, some of them may seem obvious and some scary, but they all underscore that education and action are key to keeping our roads safer for everyone on them.

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Chicago, Teen Driving and The Allstate Foundation #60Summit

When you’re busy time flies. I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since I was in Chicago to attend part of the #60Summit put on by The Allstate Foundation.

It was a whirlwind day and a half, where I learned so much from all the presentations and had a great time meeting some other bloggers as well as leaders in the industry of teens, driving safety, and public relations.

I’ll have more specific informational posts relating to Teen Driving, but let me tell you a bit about the fun I had in Chicago and the people I got to meet.

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Helping Promote a Safe Teen Driving Movement - #TAFteendrivingsummit

I couldn’t have received an invitation to a summit on saving teen driver’s lives at a more perfect time. On behalf of Allstate I’ll be heading to Chicago tomorrow to learn and provide my perspective on teen driving. With my daughter just having turned 16 in April, I have plenty of questions to ask the experts that will be in attendance there too.

I remember 20+ years ago when I first got my driver’s license, and I'd drive around with my friends and we listened to tunes from the eighties and nineties on the car radio. Now I have a different take on allowing my daughter to do that while she’s

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Baby Driver

I drive a 12 ½ year old Honda CR-V, which we affectionately call Plucky 2 (our first car was a Honda Civic, which we dubbed ‘Plucky’).  Plucky 2 has served us so well over the years.  We bought her when we needed a second vehicle because my husband could no longer take the bus to work (the commute was just too long).

It’s hard to believe that I’ve had Plucky 2 that long.  She still runs fantastic and only has a teeny tiny spot of rust here and there.  Alas I know she will not last forever, and we will need to get a new vehicle in the next few years to replace her.

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