Five Common Places to Gain Inspiration and Deeper Insights

Sometimes being at one place and doing what you’ve always done may fail to get you the motivation and inspiration needed to go through your daily activities due to monotony.  In order to get your motivation back, try changing your location for a few hours, days or years. You might also consider changing the source of your inspiration. It still could be somewhere you are at. These are the places you might consider:

  • The park

People go to the park for different reasons from taking their pets for walks, jogging, taking kids for walks and chit chatting with friends; others just go there to pass time. You can get a lot of inspiration by watching these people do what they do, or by watching animals interact.

This is also a good place to meet new people or read your motivational book. You could read it from your house or office but the outdoors can give you different perspectives. The fresh air is also good for your brain.


  • The church/ Place of worship

There are atheists and theists all over the place but however you describe your spiritual life and sense, you will need a place to get a different perspective on life. There is an auspicious presence that you feel in such places and when on the brink of collapse, seek out such places.

You faith leader can guide you with daily motivational readings and quotes on how to overcome the challenges you face.

Most of the time, these are the quietest places you will encounter and you might get more insights on your life by focusing on yourself in the quiet.

gain inspiration


  • Inspirational Websites

The internet age has revolutionized the way people interact and operate their lives. There is a lot of information the internet has to offer you. The only thing you need to do is key-in the basic words that will relax you.

Thousands of quotes have been documented and are waiting for you to click on them. The unlimited access and the opportunity you can get to subscribe to daily quotes will change your life. Most of the service providers give the quotes at the beginning of a new day. This is an absolutely good timing as it gives you the chance to reflect positively on your life.

On your lazy days, you will be able to get out of bed because these quotes remind you the importance of working towards your goals consistently.

  • Gym

Well, this might come as a surprise but you activate your brain when working out. The neurons fire at high speeds and areas of your brain that were not active get activated. Your insight on quotes is deepened. You will even get a new perspective on everything in life and make that change that you’ve postponed for years.


  • Movies

Ever watched a movie with a quote that sticks with you for life? Movies are not only meant to entertain but they also send messages to the audience. The movies and songs based on true life stories can increase your optimism and give you the nudge to do what you’ve dreamed of.

There are many places and avenues for you to get inspiration. The most common ones are before us and you should never be afraid of seeking out. Getting bummed is normal but we should find ways of adopting and getting back to your feet better than you were. If an event doesn’t kill you, it will make you a better, stronger person because you’ll know better.

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