Five Must Have Minimalist Home Design Pieces

Minimalist design has become a true contemporary favorite, with many of this season’s trends drawing on the principles of minimalism. The attraction of minimalism in the 21st century is mainly down to its clean, fresh feel and lack of clutter, which contrasts to our stressful and busy lives. Having a sense of order and calm in our homes can really take the edge off of a chaotic work and family life, allowing us to relax and cope better with stress. Once you have an idea of the , you can then begin to add specific pieces that will add to your design theme. Here are some of the most effective minimalist design pieces, which you can easily bring into your home to enhance a calming, clutter-free atmosphere.

Simple Storage

Effective storage solutions are essential in a minimalist home, where the key to the ambience is the lack of clutter. By adding some innovative storage ideas to your home, you’ll make it much less cluttered and much more relaxing. Particularly include under-floor cupboards for children’s toys, drawers built into stairs and kitchen cabinets with hidden levels of storage inside. This means that your rooms will be completely free of clutter, allowing you to enjoy the open space without worrying about mess.

The main reason that creative storage solutions can have such a huge impact is that clutter can have an intensely negative impact on the brain. The appearance of too much clutter in your home actually , causing you to become even more stressed than you were before you arrived home from a long day at work. This can have a profoundly negative effect on your overall health, affecting your sleep, diet and general wellbeing.

Sectional Sofas

Minimalist sofas can be an extremely effective centerpiece, transforming your living space into a calming, comfortable sanctuary. Once you have cleared your clutter and adopted a neutral color scheme, switching your existing three piece suite for these will add a strong minimalist feel that will be echoed throughout your home. Sectional sofas add an element of flexibility through their construction, and choosing a soft grey or white upholstery will make your sofa the ultimate minimalist design piece.

Hidden Electricals

One essential aspect of minimalist storage is the ability to store large electricals in creative, smart ways. From televisions hidden in wall panels to underfloor storage containing games consoles and speakers, there are many, many ways to effectively store large electrical items that can interrupt the everyday ambience of the room. Too often, electrical items become the focus of a room, with the entire layout being dictated by a television or computer. By cleverly hiding your electricals, including kitchen appliances, you can maintain the calming, natural feel of a room without being distracted by large entertainment systems.

Luminous Lighting

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Minimalism has turned lighting into an art form, transforming the functional into the beautiful using creative design techniques. Ceiling and wall mounted lights become an intrinsic part of the room’s design through the inclusion of aesthetic metals and geometric shapes. Instead of lampshades, bare, oversized light bulbs are often used alongside marble accents to create a sense of elegance and serenity.

Minimalist lighting ideas have dominated this season’s , with ergonomic lamps and simple, unadorned lighting fixtures made of tarnished metal or polished marble being particularly prominent. The creative element of the minimalist school of thought allows designers to reimagine lighting and create beautiful pieces that will make a room really shine.

Basic Beds

When it comes to the bedroom, minimalism excels at creating a fresh, calming space that will guarantee a good night’s sleep. A minimalist bedroom makes the bed the focus of the room, often without any clutter around at all. Wardrobes and other storage items are subtle, blending in with the walls so that the only true focus is sleep. are characterized by their simplicity, their angular square design and simple, wood aesthetic makes them ideal for an understated room that facilitates relaxation.

To enhance the calming environment provided by a minimalist bedroom, ensure that low lights are used in the evening and that bed linens are in line with the understated color scheme of grays and whites. Having calming music playing in the bedroom can aid relaxation, but screens are a no go. Try leaving all phones and tablets outside of the bedroom to really feel the benefit of this relaxing room design.

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