Fashion Advice for a (Stylish) Fall Vacation in Italy

Fall is the season of all things layered, deeper tones for fashion and a love for the crispness in the air. It also makes for a great time of the year to go on holiday. If you travel to Italy as your destination of choice, it is helpful to remember that Italy is a country with a very strong sense of style and to pack accordingly!

fashion advice

While on holiday in Italy during the fall, you should choose fashion pieces that are comfortable but also stylish. Italy is a gorgeous country with so many beautiful places to explore so you’ll want to be comfortable, and at the same time Italians dress well so you’ll feel all the more confident if you select fashionable pieces for your holiday there.

  • Consider which region(s) you are traveling to. There is a significant difference in the temperatures across the country. The north is a lot colder than the south and so you want to prepare and dress according to where you will be visiting.
  • Dress for the season. Italians start dressing according to the change of the seasons, rather than a focus on the weather and current climate.
  • It’s all about the layers. Bundling up and wearing layers can still be chic for the colder months! It’s all about how you layer your outfit. A white collared shirt underneath a sweater with a tailored coat, for example, is a way to stay warm and still look polished.
  • Have the proper shoes.

While Italians make walking in heels and leather shoes look easy, choose a fall boot or shoe that you are comfortable in and that is still stylish. For men, the best thing is to choose something chic but not too sporty. To get some inspo you can check out websites like Luisaviaroma for example:  there is an ample selection of fashionable shoes , a true Italian classic. For women, riding boots are stylish and comfortably fit a wool sock underneath to keep you warm, a leather or suede bootie with a short heel will still look polished but also be practical, and a sneaker is always a must-have for a trip where you will have lots of walking and exploring to do.

  • When in doubt, go for classics and go for neutrals.

Sticking to classic outerwear piece such as a blazer, trench (for warmer temperatures) or tailored overcoat or down jacket (for colder temperatures) makes it a lot easier to pull an outfit together. You just want to remember to always have outerwear (and clothes in general) that fit you properly. Tailoring is crucial!

Neutrals also make it easier to be able to pack less and have more outfits that go together. You can always add in a pop of color with a , scarf or other accessory. A complete monochromatic also looks sleek and fashionable, which can be quite tricky during the colder months.

  • Let your personality shine through. Overall, Italian fashion has a heavy focus on tailored items and giving your outfit that bit of an extra thought. Have fun playing around with what items show your personality.. Italy is a great place to explore your own style!

So while Italians are known for being fashionable, it’s not necessary to dress like a local. However, it can be a fun way to help you feel like you are really living life in Italy during your visit.

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