Seven Types of Engagement Rings for Brides

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, the choices abound. Choosing between the type of band for instance, yellow gold or platinum, as well as the style, such as vintage or classic style, can be overwhelming. However, understanding the different types of rings can make the choice easier and help you express you and your loved one’s personal style.

engagement rings

  1. Princess cut

Originating in the 1960s, this striking diamond delivers a level of brilliance and romance reminiscent of royalty. Although we cannot all be queens or princesses, your bride to be can feel like one when wearing a gorgeous princess-cut engagement ring.

Featuring a straight sided rectangular design, the princess cut can also include a dazzling facet arrangement. Because this cut is a hybrid of cutting style and shape, it exudes a higher degree of sparkle as compared to the more traditional rectangular or square diamonds. The princess cut is a brilliant choice as it shimmers equally across a variety of setting types and is among the more popular fancy-shape diamond choices.

  1. Solitaire

The elegance of a single diamond with its simple, sophisticated style is unmatched. A favorite since 1886, the solitaire engagement ring will never be out of style. Because it can accommodate a center stone of practically any shape or size, the solitaire ring can be as unique as your bride. You can choose from the following shapes to accentuate the diamond’s beauty.

– Round

– Princess

– Radiant

– Marquise

– Oval

– Cushion

  1. Side Stone

One of the more glamorous styles, the side-stone engagement ring is truly an eye-catcher. Starting with a center stone, this style takes to a new level by including stones to the left and the right of the main show. Although a dramatic design, it can accommodate a variety of personal styles. For instance, if your bride-to-be enjoys more of a classic look, you can choose a pear-shaped diamond with simple side stones. However, if she leans more towards conversation-stopping style, you might consider a more vintage setting with emerald-shaped diamonds and baguettes.

  1. Three stone

The three-stone engagement ring represents your personal journey together to find true love. This symbol of your lives spent together is a beautiful way to celebrate your love. Also known as a trinity or trilogy ring, the smaller stones that surround the main stone can either be a representation of the past and future. Additionally, they can signify fidelity and friendship. Whichever symbols you choose, it is one of the most beautiful ways to show your commitment to one another.

  1. Cushion cut

Reminiscent of engagement rings of the past, the cushion cut is a combination of the startling beauty of the princess cut and the sparkling brilliance of the traditional round cut. The result is a square diamond that boasts rounded corners for a soft, cushioned look. This softened appearance lends itself to a very romantic feel, and you can choose from a more long and narrow design or a design more closely resembling a square.

  1. Promise ring

This ring is slightly different than an engagement ring. That said, it has everything to do with getting engaged. For couples wanting to get engaged but who also realize the time is just not quite right due to such things as finishing college or needing to save for an engagement ring, the promise ring is a great option. A promise ring, also called a pre-engagement ring, is the perfect way to let her know how you feel and that you are committed to a future together.

  1. Halo ring

A favorite among royalty and celebrities, the halo ring is a setting of round micro-pavé diamonds (or gemstones) that circles the main stone. A micro-pavé is a striking setting that features a line of diamonds that are set into the grooves of the band. This seamless setting creates a look that resembles a cobblestone pavement.

The effect of the halo is remarkable. For instance, a center diamond will look enormous set against the smaller stones. In fact, even smaller diamonds, such as a third or half carat, can appear a half carat bigger. Because a halo ring can accommodate practically any shape or size of diamond, you can be sure that your loved one will fall in love with you all over again.

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