Farming Simulator 15 | Welcome to the New Generation of Farming Simulator!

Do you see this kid?  

That’s my nephew and he’s going to be 8 in December.  He is crazy about all things farming.  I mean he comes by it honestly because his family are farmers, but he eats, sleeps and breathes farm equipment.  Last year we did a review on our blog Play That Now for Farming Simulator for the PS3.  When my sister and her family came to visit us at Christmas, we could barely pull my nephew away from the PS3 and his “farm.” Farming Simulator® surprised the world by becoming a worldwide best-seller with almost 3,000,000 copies sold of the 2013 Edition!

Guess who’s going to be THE BEST AUNTIE EVER this year?!!  Yep that’s me, because Farming Simulator 15 was just released for PC on October 30th (will be coming for consoles early 2015), and that boy will be getting a copy for his birthday in a couple of weeks.  (I’m so going to update this post with a video of him opening it if my sister obliges.)

Farming Simulator 15 lets you manage your own farm in and open world filled with improved details and visual effects from the previous version thanks to a brand new graphics and physics engine!

You can harvest, breed animals, sell fresh products and drive over a hundred authentic farm vehicles.

Your vehicles can even get dirty and you’ll have to hose them down with the Kärcher pressure washer!  The games physics have been developed with great care and attention, particularly in terms of the many vehicles in the game an how they behave.  The vehicles now have suspension you can actually sense and they react much more naturally to the environments in which they operate, making them much more fun to drive.  Trailers now load up much more realistically with the “fill plane system”.

Plus there’s a brand new activity: woodcutting!  You can invest your profits and develop your farm, alone or with up to 15 friends!  (I guess Dad and little brother may be getting in on the action too!)

The game backdrop in Farming Simulator 15 is immense and comprises two very different open game environments, each with their own unique ambiance and characteristics.

Firstly, fans of the franchise will be delighted to rediscover the American setting, which has been totally redesigned for this new edition of Farming Simulator to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the new game engine and new activities such as logging.

In the woodcutting and logging activities, you can manage wooded areas in the game environment using numerous vehicles and machines dedicated to this task: tree cutters, chainsaws, chippers, trailers and an array of tools for harvesting the wood.  Chip them in the chipper to sell the wood, or take the logs straight to he sawmill for processing!

However, as grandiose as this environment is, it represents only half of the game area.  Players, can leave the Texan heat to discover a brand new Nordic environment that is just as extensive, and which brings a breath of fresh and exhilarating air to Farming Simulator.  With its own landmarks, points of interest, missions and lots of fresh opportunities to develop your farm, you’ll feel like a pioneer in a new land!

Farming Simulator® (RATED: ESRB E) is the perfect gift to target all audiences:
– From kids to adults
– From casual to simulation gamers
– Don’t forget to count on farmers, they are gamers! 

You can find out more about Farming Simulator 15 at

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