Falcon ShopMate

This post was written by our reviewer Tammie (with an i.e. not a y like mine.  Just to clarify ).   She received a sample product of Falcon ShopMate to facilitate the review.

Falcon ShopMate

Falcon’s newest brand is the ultimate workshop cleaning companion. This line of effective, versatile, and dependable cleaning products includes compressed-gas dusters and pre-moistened wipes that are ideal for cleaning various workshop surfaces and tools. The ShopMate duster delivers a pressurized blast to help get rid of dust and debris from work areas and home improvement and woodworking projects.

To be perfectly honest, I was expecting a mini vacuum or dusting system expect when Tammy asked if we’d like to review the Falcon ShopMate.  I was not expecting a can of air like you use to clean off your computer keyboard.

My husband has quite the shop and we use something a little bigger to get rid of dust and debris from his many projects.

I did take it out to the shop and it does move saw dust, wood chips and metal shavings as well as our huge air compressor, it took quite a few blasts to the big jobs done and the can became VERY cold. I was curious as to how long a can would last so I checked out their website and the 7oz can that we were supplied gives an average of 85 blasts.

And then I started walking around my house. This product is great for killing cobwebs up high and cleaning those air vent grates that give you the willies when you notice how dirty they are.

We used it to clean out the piano keys and on the blades of a fan.

It was also useful getting the gunk out of our window sills where my husband’s shop vac wouldn’t reach.

I would definitely have a can of this in my house for those spots where dust hides and I cannot easily reach and I it would be great for or craft rooms but for a serious woodworker like my husband it’s a little too ‘junior sized’.  He needs the big machine pictured above to clean up his messes .

Falcon ShopMate is a new product so look for it in stores and online where Falcon products are sold.

4 thoughts on “Falcon ShopMate

  1. I would definitely try this, it looks like it could do a good job getting into the crevices and hard to reach places that a vacuum never could.

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