Fabulous Izak Zenou Note Pads

Last year I shared with you the online stationery store Expressionery.com.  As a member of their Community Panel, I get a ‘first look’ at some of the fabulous products they introduce on their website.

And speaking of fabulous, Expressionery.com is proud to introduce an artist to their line up, who’s already made his mark in the fashion world.  Izak Zenou.  For years Izak’s witty, whimsical illustrations have taken fashion to new places.  Whatever the decade, Izak’s women are attractive adn optimistic, confident and charming, feminine but modern.  Now, Expressionery.com is bringing that fashion and charm to stationery with a line of Izak products, and that’s…fabulous!

So I got a set of personalized Izak Best Friends note pads, perfect for jotting a note for that winner’s prize on my blog, a grocery list, or a note to remind my husband to put the leftovers back in the fridge (yep, since the note has my name on it, he can’t claim he didn’t know I told him to do it).  And I can write those all with a fashionable flair!

There are 40 Izak products to choose from including the Small Memo Pads, Folded Notes, Flat Cards, Invitations, Bag Tags, Melamine Plates, Bookmarks, Book Plate Labels and Calling Cards.  With personalized Folded Notes starting at $24, it’s an affordable way to bring a bit of the runway to personal correspondence. 

Expressionery.com has a special savings code for 30% off of applicable Izak products by using the code IZAKBLOG at checkout, it’s good until February 1, so if you find something you like now is the time to get it!  Also you can enter to win a special Izak “It” Girl prize pack on Expressionery’s Facebook page, until January 25th.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this post on behalf of Expressionery.com and was supplied with samples and information through them, the review and opinions are my own.

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