Creative Gift Basket Ideas For Baby Showers

Looking for a creative baby shower gift idea? How about a gift basket? They make memorable gifts and show you put a lot of thought into your gift.

Looking for a more unique gift than the standard baby clothes (which every new baby always ends up with too much of), bibs, or receiving blankets? Then try your hand at creating a gift basket. They are always lots of fun for both the giver and the receiver. It shows you put a lot of thought and love into your present. And for the new parents, it’s like they’re getting many gifts instead of just one big gift.

Start with the basket. You can get one in blue for a boy, pink for a girl, or yellow or green for a surprise baby. But don’t limit yourself to a typical wicker basket. You can put baby’s gifts in a watering can, a bucket, or even in a hollow baby item such as an infant tub. Get creative with this part!

Next, line the basket with some tissue paper, cellophane, or shredded paper. Using ribbon or a bunch of tulle, tie a bow around the basket or on the handle. Then comes the fun part: filling your basket up!

I personally like putting together a play time basket:

Pick out an assortment of fun little toys for baby to play with. Some basics to include are a rattle, a doll, a ball, and a CD of fun, upbeat kids’ songs.  A very neat thing to put in the basket are cards that can be attached to baby’s car seat or stroller.

MoMA Shapes and Colors Stroller Cards by the Museum of Modern Art are an example of these.  5 flash cards on a ring with a snap, measuring 5 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches.  Infants and toddlers love texture and color, and these cards have bright colors combined with the simple shapes, but they also feature dynamic patterns, engaging the senses of both sight and touch.  They’re perfect interactive entertainment and fit so well into a playtime basket and at just $9.99 they are affordable to be part of a larger gift.

It’s always nice to include a little something for the parents in the gift basket if you can. A gift card to a restaurant, a voucher for cleaning services, or a box of chocolates are all good ideas. A box of assorted gourmet teas and a note telling the parents to enjoy a hot cup of tea as a way to wind down each day!

Some other ideas for baskets are a color themed basket, animal themed basket, or a seasonal basket based on when the baby is due.

Most importantly, have fun, and show off your creativity! Your thoughtful gift will always stand out in the new parent’s memories.

By Vanessa Bartlemus

Disclosure of Material Connection: This post was written on behalf of Chronicle Books and a media sample was received.

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