Everything’s Coming Up Floral

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This past winter and spring have been absolutely amazing weather wise. Here in South Dakota we only had a couple of really cold weeks earlier in the year, and I barely used our flannel sheet print separates because it was too warm.

And now it’s the end of March and EVERYTHING is so green! It makes me excited for the flowers that are going to start breaking through the soil soon. I just hope we don’t get a snow storm yet (because it has been known to happen in April!).

In the meantime I’ve been hunting around for ‘floral’ things on Pinterest and online stores. There are so many ways I could introduce “May Flowers” in to my life before they actually bloom.

I’d love a couple of floral accent chairs in my living room, although I don’t think my husband would be overly keen on that décor choice. So a centerpiece on my coffee table using a large vase, silk flowers and distilled water as a craft project might be in order instead.

For my wardrobe I’d love a pair of floral cowboy boots to pair with a denim dress. How cute would that be? I really do need to invest in a pair of cowboy boots so why not floral ones?!

How do you incorporate floral patterns in your life? Furniture, accessories, clothing? Let me know – I want some more ideas!

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