Enjoy Life Foods – Crunchy Handcrafted Cookies

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I’ve been reviewing products from the Enjoy Life Foods line for a number of months now! Last time I reviewed a few of their new chocolate products; like their double chocolate crunch granola. It makes a yummy breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Many more people are making the choice to go gluten-free either for medical reasons or just for overall health, because it makes them feel better. The food aisles in the grocery stores that shelve gluten-free products are getting better, but it can still be difficult to find all-natural gluten-free foods. Enjoy Life Foods is one of the few companies that makes a variety of products, is found in most major retailers and tastes good! All of their products are free of the 8 most common allergens (wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish) and are gluten-free. A majority of their products are also made without potatoes, sesame, sulfites and casein.

One of the newest products in Enjoy Life Foods line up are their Crunchy Handcrafted Cookies.

We are blessed in our home to not have any allergies, but we know many people that are not able to process gluten in their bodies. Gluten-free foods are something that I always like to keep in my home, so that I always have something on hand if I have an unexpected visitor drop by. Coffee talks always need to be accompanied by a treat, right?! We actually just found out that our neighbor has been advised to cut out all gluten in her diet after having been rushed to the ER for stomach issues. Just another reason to have gluten-free products on hand!

I actually shared these cookies with a couple of friends who prefer gluten-free foods (some by necessity some by choice). They were received with good opinions. For myself personally the taste was fine, but I found the texture of them to be a little grainy.

The Crunchy Handcrafted Cookies by Enjoy Life Foods have 14 cookies in a box. They are a pretty nice size also. Those that follow the Weight Watchers program even if you don’t have any allergies may want to take a peek at these because the Vanilla Honey Graham, Double Chocolate and Sugar Crisp Cookie varieties are only 1 point a piece! the Chocolate Chip Cookies are a bit more in calories and fat and end up being about 1.5 points.

My favorite out of the bunch was the Sugar Crisp Cookies. And naturally the rest of my family gravitated to the Double Chocolate ones!

Enjoy Life Foods are available at retailers nationwide you can find a store that sells them in your area on their website http://www.enjoylifefoods.com/where_to_buy/.

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  1. I like to eat gluten free from time to time because it does make me feel better. These cookies are very good but I agree they are a little "stiff". Great for coffee dunking.

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