Empower Fitness Launches NiteBright an Innovative Fitness Collection for Women

Empower Fitness makes easy-to-use fitness products exclusively for women to feel good about their bodies in a fun, fashionable and fabulous way. The brand recently launched a line of workout accessories for women called NiteBright featuring retro-reflective ink technology, which illuminates in low-light hours but looks like a completely normal delicate print in daylight. It’s one of the only product lines of its kind in the country, offering the most stylish alternative to traditional fitness safety gear.

NiteBright products provide women with a high level of reflective safety without sacrificing attention to style and detail. The NiteBright collection, consists of 15 day-to-night fashion pieces in unique prints and colors, as well as safety gear essentials. that can be mixed and matched together, providing both a fashionable and contemporary alternative for safety vests during outdoor workouts during dawn, dusk and night.  The really nice thing about them is that they can be integrated into an everyday wardrobe as well, making them dual purpose.

If getting in shape and walking, jogging and/or running outdoors in 2016 is on your New Year’s Resolutions list, then Nitebright is gear you need.  NiteBright’s beautifully patterned fabric items look fashionable by day and can provide up to 450 feet of visibility at night by utilizing the retro-reflective ink technology—microscopic prismatic glass beads that return a cone of light to the source of the illumination.  They’ve truly added a touch of glamour into fitness accessories.

They’ve blended comfort with style.  The ‘Fittens’ (don’t you love that!) are perfect for chilly mornings and nippy evenings.  Keeping your hands toasty but your fingers still accessible in case you may need to answer your phone, tie your shoe or any number of other things.


Another one of the NiteBright accessories is the Infinity Scarf.  This latest fashion provides a true cowl of safety around your neck while letting you still feel stylish (your crossing guard vest can be retired now. You’re welcome.).

The accessories are high quality although be forewarned that they do leave a bit of ‘pixie dust’ clinging as you can see from my photo 🙂

Hopefully NiteBright products will inspire you to get out and move even if the only time you can do that is early in the morning or later in the day.  These accessories allow women to stay safe and feel fabulous while they work at getting and staying healthy.  I think it’s great that when I’m out for an evening walk and the headlights shine on me I can sparkle like glitter and still be safe, rather than look like a traffic cone!  Functional and stylish the NiteBright collection certainly does make a bright statement!

You can check out the entire NiteBright collection as well as other Empower Fitness products here.



2 thoughts on “Empower Fitness Launches NiteBright an Innovative Fitness Collection for Women

  1. Wont need this for my new years yoga class but it might keep me safer just walking across my work parking lot in the early AM.

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