Emoji Shaped Flash Drives

I received complimentary USB Flash Drives for the purpose of this post.  All opinions are my own.

USB Memory Direct, a leading producer of high-quality wholesale flash drives for brands and businesses, opened their web store for individual consumers and launched a new line of silicone Emoji Shaped flash drives. The Emojis include the three worldwide favorites: the poop emoji (“Poopsie”), the heart eyes emoji (“Heartsie”), and the crying laughing face emoji (“Laughsie”), which are all now available for purchase in USB Memory Direct’s web store.

emoji shaped flash drives

Who doesn’t love the poop emoji? It’s only one of the most popular emojis used around the world. While some may refer to it as the smiling poop or turd, we all immediately recognize it for its happy go lucky attitude and perfect soft-serve shape. By now, you’ve seen the poop emoji transformed into a variety of products, but how about a USB drive?

The USB sticks pull out of the silicone emoji housing and they are easy to use and fit well into USB ports.

These drives aren’t just fun though, they are useful!  With SuperSpeed USB 3.0 they read at 90 mb/s and write at 30 mb/s, and you can purchase them in 16,32 and/or 64 GB capacities. 

My husband used both the Laughsie and Heartsie to upload and store boot copies of Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave for my Mac, and they worked great.  I do have to say seeing as he is kind of ‘anti-Mac’ and ‘pro-PC’, I’m surprised he didn’t use the Poopsie drive to store one of them! (I guess this is where I should insert a “Laughsie” emoji for you all 😉 ).

These are perfect little gifts to add to the Easter Baskets this year!  They start at just $8.49 each and the 32 GB is a great value at just $9.99.

Whichever of the three Emoji is your favorite, you can be sure that as a USB flash drive it will have you covered at storing your files, as well as it does conveying your mood when texting!

You can find the Emoji Shaped Flash Drives at USB Memory Direct’s online store: https://www.usbmemorydirect.com/store/.

5 thoughts on “Emoji Shaped Flash Drives

  1. I should get one of these emoji flash drives for my friend. She’s into fun and quirky things. 🙂

  2. These are super cute! I didn’t know they had emoji shaped flash drives. I know just the people to get these for.

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