Ecolution – Cook Well. Do Good.

DO GOOD – Ecolution is a line of cookware that is made with Hydrolon.  Hydrolon is an ecologically advanced, water based non-stick coating.  “Made without PFOA” means safer for you and fewer greenhouse gasses.

Hubby has been using this pan for a couple of weeks now, as he is the “egg” specialist in the family.  I have never been able to make good scrambled eggs, so that’s his domain, and he’s always on the lookout for a good pan to make them in.  For obvious reasons he likes a pan that is non stick when making them.  I do too, because while I fail at making scrambled eggs, for some reason I always end up being the clean up crew when we have them for breakfast once a week!

We both are very pleased with the quality of the Ecolution Artistry 11″ fry pan.  Hubby says that the groovy rings on the bottom of the pan distributes the heat evenly to the MAX, just like the product claims.  There are no hot spots he says.

The silicone handle provides a good grip, and stays cool to the touch while cooking.

The non stick surface also has met our expectations.  You can see in my pictures how little is left on the pan after cooking.  And the clean up is so easy.  It is dishwasher safe, although I have yet to put it in mine, because a quick wash with soap and water and a soft cloth, takes no time in getting it clean.

The Ecolution Artistry 11″ fry pan is available at for $21.99.

For more information about Ecolution and their eco-friendly cookware visit  You can also find Ecolution on Facebook and Twitter.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Bender Media on behalf of Epoca Inc. and received samples to facilitate my candid review.”

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