Making a Fashion Statement With a Lanyard

I don’t work outside the home, so I don’t have an identification card to be in a building, that needs to be carried around.  Every time we cruise though we receive a lanyard to hold our stateroom cards.

We started out getting red and black cloth ones, and have now graduated to red and grey ones, which distinguish our repeat cruiser status.

By this time though, we’ve amassed twelve of these lanyards and each time we return home they get relegated to the souvenir box, never to see the light of day again.  Honestly I don’t even know why we keep them.

Sure they’re useful on the ship to keep your stateroom key handy and close at hand, but they’re certainly not stylish.  They constantly twist and the ends attach with Velcro.  If the photographer comes by to snap a picture, and you haven’t taken it off, well that photo has probably been ruined (unless you’re really good with Photoshop!).

For our Alaskan cruise next year, I’m considering bringing my own lanyard with me.  I’ve seen some beautiful beaded lanyards that I would wear even with my formal attire.

I have an inkling that I’d create quite a fashion statement that way, and it would be sure to turn a few heads.

One can purchase lanyards in the gift shops if you want something different from the other thousand cruisers aboard, but they are all still patterned cloth designs, and certainly not something you’d consider wearing with a fancy outfit for dinner.

A functional and stylish lanyard would be something I’d keep out, because even though I don’t need one on a daily basis for work purposes, I end up getting a lanyard a few times a year when attending conferences.  Generally you’ll receive a cheap thin elastic one to sport your name tag, or worse yet, a sticker to put on your chest!  If I tucked a beaded lanyard into my bag, I’d always be looking stylish for those occasions too!

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