Eco Clean – Cleaning Products Made in the Greenest Place on Earth

Nature provides us with safe cleaners to handle the worst dirt and grime, you don’t have to use chemicals to accomplish that.  But in your wildest imagination would you ever have thought that a company could make them from sugar beets?  Scandinavians are famous for being eco and energy conscious, so it’s no surprise to find that the Danish company, Eco Clean, is doing just that.

Eco Clean, takes the high quality surfactant, D-Glucopyranose, from the fatty acids of plants and makes all kinds of cleaners for your home.

AEB (Active Eco Boost) the proprietary formula Eco Clean uses (which is a natural amino acid derivative), stabilizes the dirt and keeps it suspended in the solution.  AEB goes into Eco Clean’s All Purpose Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Dish Wash, Glass Cleaner, Hand Wash and Kitchen Counter Top Cleaner.

Eco Clean products are fragranced with fresh smelling essential oils, and are great for people with allergies.  “What fragrance is good for allergies?” you say…let me explain.

The non toxic cleansers feature a special foaming option nozzle which minimizes the exposure of vapors, also there are no toxic fumes or gasses released when the cleaners come in contact with water.  Even the fragrances in the hand wash are allergy friendly.

The Eco Clean Toilet Cleaner in Cool Mint, did a wonderful job cleaning my toilets.  I do wish the bottle were designed differently though.  While it goes under the bowl rim fine, the over all shape of it made it difficult to squeeze the cleaner out at a consistent rate, and I think I used way more than I needed to because of that.  The toilet bowls smelled so clean when I was done though!

The Hand Wash left a good impression on us.  For an allergy sufferer it’s nice to have a product with scent, since they usually have to go with an unscented product.  I was definitely surprised at how strong the smell of the Hand Wash was.  My Hubby has pretty bad allergies, and he was not bothered by it at all.  The Lavender scent smells so good and the Wild Fruit smells faintly like oranges and something else I can’t quite put my “nose” on.  Not quite citrus but not quite tropical either!  It’s pleasant none the less.

I also want to note that Eco Clean is manufactured in a SWAN certified factory, the official Nordic eco label awarded to responsible manufacturers who prove ingredient integrity and purity.

So if you are looking for household cleaners that:

  • use pure ingredients and are safe for children and pets
  • have exceptional detergent properties even on oily and cosmetic stains
  • perform well on all surfaces
  • are ph balanced and
  • are affordable (no crazy prices just because it’s eco-friendly and imported)

Then you might want to choose Eco Clean!

Eco Clean products have an mrsp of $4.49 and are available at and Duane Reade.  You can also connect with Eco Clean on Twitter.

“I wrote this post while participating in a blog campaign by Behrman Communications on behalf of Eco Clean and received samples to facilitate my review.”

3 thoughts on “Eco Clean – Cleaning Products Made in the Greenest Place on Earth

  1. Susanne;

    You never left an e-mail address so I can’t contact you other than leaving a reply and hoping you’ll see it.

    The link I left for is merely to the home page of that store. I never added a link to a specific product, if you register at you can search for Eco Clean and find the products they sell there.

    You can connect with Eco Clean on Facebook at – and contact the company to share your concerns.

  2. Thank you for the helpful review. This company sounds innovative and interesting. You’ve convinced me to try a few of their products.

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