Me Want Cookie!

Happy Birthday Cookie Monster!

I thought about baking a cake to commemorate the day, but I suppose I really should bake cookies!  I have a couple of my own cookie monsters in my home though, so I’m guessing they’re not going to last long.

Actually there is a discrepancy on when Cookie Monster actually celebrates his birthday.  Some say it’s today, May 25th, others say it is November 2nd.  Personally, I think Cookie Monster has told people this conflicting information himself, so that he gets two birthday parties.  More cookies you see.  I suppose I’ll just have to use my cookie cutters on both days!

It’s hard to imagine Cookie Monster ever being a baby, but I’ve head that before he ate his first cookie, he was known as Sid.  So I think I should make some “Sid” cookies too with this adorable Baby Cookie Monster cookie cutter from

Remember though, cookies are a sometimes food, but always taste great!

2 thoughts on “Me Want Cookie!

  1. Thanks for giving us an excuse to make cookies today! as if we need an excuse 🙂

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