Easy Off – Oven Cleaning Steps! #EOSpringCleaning

I am working with Burst Media to share this sponsored post about Easy Off Oven Cleaner. However, my opinions are entirely my own.

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You have company coming – there are dishes on your counter, in your sink, and your dishwasher is full…of course you stash them in the oven to hide them for a few hours and all is good right?! I’ve bet most of us have done that once.

Oh how I wish I could do that for the impromptu home showings we’ve been having, but alas people that are interested in buying my home, might actually be looking in the oven they’re buying with it. So not only does the oven have to be empty…it has to be clean!

I have so much on my plate right now, and I don’t want to be spending loads of time cleaning my oven. I also don’t want to use the self-cleaning feature, because it stinks up the house so badly. So it’s wonderful to have the option of using Easy Off in it.

Easy Off is the #1 Oven Cleaner. And it’s so easy to use.

Spray – Wait – Wipe.

It’s powerful formula eliminates baked-on grease and food spills and it has 5x more grease-cutting power than the leading all-purpose cleaner.

I chose to get the Fume Free variety since I’m quite sensitive to chemical scents. It’s safe to use in a self-cleaning oven and it emits no caustic fumes. You can also get Easy Off in a Heavy Duty variety. It cuts through the toughest grease in less than 5 minutes!

I know that if I need a quick & effective clean for my oven before a home showing, I’m covered with Easy Off.

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