7 Tips to Dress More Sustainably

Do you have a love for clothes and the environment? There are several ways you can dress more sustainably. Consider the below points before you go shopping.

dress more sustainably


Some brands are more sustainable than others. It won’t be hard to find them, as they would likely have placed how sustainable their clothing is on their labels.

Go through user reviews and see what other eco conscious people have said about the clothing brands near you. You’ll find out which clothing companies would be the most worth your time.

Some brands offset any carbon emissions they produce. They would pledge funds for mangrove or forest conversation efforts.


Buy clothes that you will wear for a long time. The material they are made from will affect how long they’ll last. Natural fibers are the toughest.

Of course, the brand you buy from also affects how long your clothes would last, as some brands build garments with durability in mind.

Once again, user reviews will help. You’ll find out which companies make clothes that will last you years.

Alter Your Clothes

You may love a pair of pants, but it may be too big. Alter it instead of throwing it out. You can do this with large shirts and undergarments as well. If a garment is too small and you want to make it bigger, this would be harder to do, but you can still get it done.

Recycle Garments

You can alternatively transform old clothes into new garments instead of tossing them away. You’ll not only be recycling which would help the environment, but you’d be saving money too.  

This won’t be too hard, as there are many tutorials online on how you can make old shirts into skirts and vice versa. You can even convert shoes into handbags.

Buy Online

Interested in new shoes? , as most delivery services will deliver items to multiple locations at once. This will lead to less carbon emissions as less people would be out shopping.

As mentioned earlier, you should shop with sustainable clothing brands only. However, there might not be any near, so shopping online will help. You’ll find eco friendly clothing companies from abroad.

For example, Geox is known for their ethical, natural fibers they use when making their shoes, but they are not widely available outside Canada. You can from across the globe with just a click.

Organic Fabric

Some fabrics are more ecofriendly than others. A pro tip would be to avoid any fabric that is not 100% cotton, as it is a microfiber that doesn’t harm ecosystems.

Buy Local

It’s always a good idea to buy from local brands. They are smaller, so they won’t use manufacturing techniques to mass produce and hurt the environment. Buying locally also means that you’ll be helping the local economy.

There definitely are a lot of points to keep in mind if you want to buy clothes and help the environment. Thankfully, they are not too hard to consider.

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