Dot to Dot Zoo App for Kids

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I recently had a chance to try out a new app for kids called Dot to Dot Zoo. Dot to Dot Zoo has been released on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle Tablet. This is the first in a series of Dot to Dot apps to be released from RouxBee. Dot to Dot Zoo allows children to learn or practice how to print their uppercase letters, finish dot to dot puzzles of animals, name them and learn fun facts about them too.

I’m a huge fan of fun apps that are educational too, so I was truly interested in learning more about the Dot to Dot Zoo app and trying it out for myself. By its very nature it’s interactive with the child using their fingers to attach the line from number to number, so it’s wonderful for hand eye coordination as well as for counting practice.

The app is visually beautiful, very colorful and the music soundtrack to it is upbeat, the animals are cute (they graphically remind me somewhat of the Fisher Price Little People animals). No worries if the music or sound effects start looping to an unending drone to adult ears, they can be turned off in the settings if preferred. The app is quickly responsive to the touch of the fingers.

When completing the upper case letters the experience is like finishing the Dot to Dot of the animals, it will complete the letter, bring up an animal, and then place it in the zoo.  If you’re child is having difficulty completing the next step in the puzzle, they can click on the light bulb with the question mark in the upper corner, and it will give them a hint.

Once an animal is ‘revealed’, your child can name it, and then learn some fun facts about it. They can also see all the different ‘regions’ of the zoo animals and where they live within their zoo.

Once a parent helps the first time or two, the child will find it easy to navigate from activity to activity, whether it is to more puzzles or within their zoo to see their animals.

All of the platforms have a free version available which has a limited number of animals and letters to complete, the upgrade to the app to unlock the full version is just 99¢.

I think this app is worth the 99¢ if you have a young child that is currently learning printing or is interested in puzzles or animals.

If you want to know more about Dot to Dot Zoo, how to download it for your specific platform and what else RouxBee has up their development sleeves you can go to

I was compensated for taking the time to review this app. All opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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