Don’t Wait for the Truck or You Might Melt – Walgreens is Faster

The last couple of days it’s actually been a bit cooler here in the Dallas area.  And by cooler I mean 89/90.  Sunday it was hot, Hot, HOT.  Clear skies, no wind, 102 in. the. shade. 

That is weather that calls for ice cream.  No wait – that is weather that SCREAMS for ice cream.  The thing is we can’t wait for the truck with the fun music to come down our street. Nope.  Because we had proof on Facebook that this is what happened to it.

So it’s a good thing we have a Walgreens a mile away from our home.  While I’d love to say we took a leisurely stroll there on a Sunday afternoon, I’m afraid had we done that we’d have suffered the same fate as the ice cream truck.  Going from the air conditioned house, to the air conditioned car, to the air conditioned store is more our style.


Don’t judge us for hanging out in front of the ice cream cases with the doors opened a little longer than they should have been, while we decided on which Unilever ice cream treats to purchase.


We got a little something for everyone.  Amber chose to be a purist and went right for the Original Klondike Bars – I asked what she would do for them – but in return just got a “Mom, stop trying to be funny” look (she’s such a teenager!).  We picked up some Magnum bars for my husband who’s premium chocolate cravings are legendary to those who know us.


And I wanted something a little bit lighter so got a box of Fruttare Strawberry & Milk bars.


We sat down in the evening to eat our treats. We were going to go outside, but it was still so hot that we were pretty sure the ice cream treats would be soup and need spoons quickly, so we stayed indoors and watched some TV together while enjoying them.

By the time my husband was able to take a picture of me without it being blurry (sigh, I even had it on auto!), Amber had finished her Klondike bar and all that was left was the chocolate smudges on her fingers (really I was not amused, apparently they all think it’s okay to eat everything before I am able to Instagram it! Sigh…again…).

But that’s okay, I’ll catch her next time – because there are more in the freezer!  Bonus to buying ice cream treats at Walgreens and not from the truck 😉  Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Fruttare, and Popsicle are all part of the Unilever brand of ice cream treats.

Which of the Unilever Ice Cream treats at Walgreens would you choose for an #IceCreamRun?

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Wait for the Truck or You Might Melt – Walgreens is Faster

  1. Such a great post! I always have my "wow, it is actually the end of the week" ice cream cone on Saturdays. Only one each week!

    We will definitely check out Walgreens this week!

    Thanks for the great post and pictures!


  2. The ice cream man does not visit our neighborhood and we have a Walgreens in walking distance, so they are definitely a perfect go-to treat stop. I have been dying to try the Reese's Klondike bars!

  3. I love those Magnum bars a lot. They're so creamy and delicious! I didn't realize Walgreens had such a great selection though.

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