Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff …or the Water Glass: Tervis Tumblers to the Rescue

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A number of years ago my husband cut out pretty much all liquids except milk, orange juice and water. At all times he has a huge glass full of ice and water sitting on our kitchen island.

Well we all know how that goes right? Very cold water sitting in a warm room, the glass starts sweating and I have a puddle of water to clean up all.the.time. But you don’t have to sweat the small stuff…or the water glass: Tervis Tumblers to the Rescue.

I had seen Tervis Tumblers at Bed, Bath and Beyond and was always interested in them, but honestly didn’t want to spend $10 for a cup. But I also didn’t want to mop up water from my counter top every day either, so I decided I would get one, and see if it actually didn’t sweat.  It ends up this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for.

I love them! They work just like they’re supposed to. Icy cold water in a 77 degree room is no challenge for the Tervis Tumblers, nope, that cup stays dry. Likewise you can put hot beverages in them too, and the liquid stays warm for a long time.

Things need to be easy in my home so I’m really glad that I can put them in the dishwasher. I had other double walled tumblers that were “dishwasher safe” and those ended up cracking on me. We now own six Tervis Tumblers (well yeah I bought more, I think these cups are ‘da bomb’) and we use them daily, and they’ve stood up to the beverages, hot and cold alike, as well as the dishwasher, famously.  I also like that I can bring them outside, without the worry of shattered glass everywhere should they fall over or be dropped.

You can get plain Tervis Tumblers which are just clear, or you can get ones that show off your passions. We have two 24 ounce ones that have are monogrammed with an ‘L’, and four 16 ounce ones that have a Houston Texans patch on them. The patches are actually sealed within the walls of the cup, which is pretty neat.

I was able to get the Houston Texans ones on sale for $8 a piece which is why I bought them, and now that we’re moving to Texas, they’ll fit in with our décor…however…we’re moving to the Dallas area, so maybe I won’t serve any drinks in those ones to our new friends….

This is a sponsored post for Florida Keys Store, however, I really do own Tervis Tumblers, use them and like them.

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