Do You Have an Emergency Stockpile Survival Kit?

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Flickr Creative Commons via Seattle Municipal ArchivesThis freak snowstorm happening out on the east coast had me thinking today of emergency supplies. 

Just because of great sales at the store, coupons and the food samples I often get for my blog, we tend to have a good stock of shelf stable food in our home.  I try and keep a 24 case of water bottles on hand too.  We have lots of blankets, flashlights and batteries, but beyond that we haven’t made a ‘real’ emergency kit in case we lose power and/or heat.

I know that we really should have most, if not all of these items in one place so we aren’t running around our home in the dark looking for everything (hopefully finding the flashlights first!), if we needed  them.

I also know that the food we do have would certainly sustain us, it isn’t necessarily food we would want to eat – or good for us to it – for an indefinite period of time and I should look into getting long term food storage kits for emergencies.  I wouldn’t have to worry about being stuck with out of date cans of food because I forgot to switch them out over the year.  If properly packaged, dried food can last much longer than canned or boxed food.  It would also be good to pack in our vehicle when we take road trips, you never know when weather might have you stranded when traveling.

So how about you, do you have an emergency kit that is set aside for severe weather or other catastrophic event?  Or do you run out to the store with everyone else when you hear about an impending hurricane or blizzard?  Or are you somewhere in between like me – where you have the supplies and hope that what you have will sustain you through the emergency?

5 thoughts on “Do You Have an Emergency Stockpile Survival Kit?

  1. I live on Vancouver Island, in Victoria and we are expected to have a massive earthquake anytime…..we just don't know when! I remember having earthquake drills way back in the 70's, so it's been my whole lifetime coming. We have a couple of first aid kits, one in the car and one in our home, we have flats of water (in car & home), lots of canned food, blankets, etc.. Reading your post, I immediately said to hubby that we need to get candles and waterproof matches. So we are pretty much in between as well. I have to get my butt in gear.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. We would survive a few days if South Dakota got dumped on with a foot of snow. We have water and food stored away. A propane heater and tons of wood to burn. I think I would go crazy though being cooped up with my family!

  3. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma where we have tornadoes, just recently earthquakes and ice and snow storms in the winter that typically shut the the city down. I have found that my generator is a lifesaver during these time. Its worth its weight in gold when the power goes out!

  4. Of course I love every post you do, this one is awesome! I think I need to add a few more things to our 72 hour kit after reading this 🙂 One thing we do have though is a Sterno (is that what they're called?), it's a little portable fuel source that can heat things like your food or what not. We also have hand warmers and one of those portable blanket things that are super tiny and folded in a little package, I wish I knew the name but I hope you know what I mean? Thanks for all your awesome ideas!

  5. Great post . These are the important things that we need in emergency that can come handy.. This would be used for a longer period of time . A match that can be lighted at any climate is a very handy stuff.

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