Dibs on My Ribs Pork Recipe Cookoff and Give Away

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This is a Sponsored Post. While I received incentives for participating, all opinions are still my own! Happy grilling!

There’s nothing that says ‘summer’ more than the smell of grilling coming from backyards and patios. Kraft Foods, Inc., McCormick & Company, Inc., the National Pork Board and Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., wants you to share your pork spareribs recipe with them.

The Dibs on My Ribs Pork Recipe Cookoff will have two grand prize winners (one in each recipe category) who will receive a one year supply of groceries awarded as twelve $500 Wal-Mart gift cards. They will also have the opportunity to attend the Memphis in May BBQ Event in Memphis, TN in May of 2013. The contest runs until August 12, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST, so you still have time to perfect your masterpiece if you want to enter! You can find the complete list of rules at http://bit.ly/RibsContest.

Ribs + Grill = ???
I say that purely because before this post, we had never grilled ribs before…never…ever. So this was an adventure to say the least. Walmart actually had the Tyson Pork Spareribs on sale for $1.97/lb so I bought two slabs (I had no clue if one slab would be enough for 5 adults and 2 children).
This was definitely a learning experience…

McCormick Spices + Kraft BBQ Sauce = a great flavor for some grilled ribs
So my ‘Dibs on My Ribs’ goes something like this:

6 oz. of vanilla flavored yogurt
1 package of McCormick Grill Mates® Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade
1/3 cup of Kraft Thick ‘n Spicy Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce

Mix those three ingredients together and then slather it all over your ribs. Cover. Let the ribs sit for five to six hours.

Grill your ribs over indirect heat (this rib rack that was sent to me is an awesomely cool product that lets you stand the ribs up to grill!) – for about two and half hours if you want them well done, basting with the sauce mix when required.

Grilled Pork Spareribs + Family = great food and fun around the table
Everyone really enjoyed the ribs – we had more than enough to go around the table.
My husband grilled them for about 1 hour 45 minutes over low heat, and there was still some pink in the middle.

Grill Mates® Brown Sugar Bourbon Marinade + Kraft Thick ‘n Spicy Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce = not as spicy as you might think
I originally added the yogurt to my ‘mix’ as I thought the marinade mix and spicy brown sugar barbecue sauce would be too ‘hot’ for the little ones taste buds.
But this combination of thick barbecue sauce and slightly tangy marinade was toned down by the grilling process (and likely the yogurt) with enough flavor but not a lot of kick in the end.

Are you ready to fire up your grill and come up with the ultimate ‘Dibs on My Ribs’ recipe? To get you started on your culinary goodness, we’re going to give 10 of you a $20 Walmart Gift Card. One easy entry of leaving your shipping address so we can get your info to the sponsor asap.

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