Destination Disney

Today’s Destination Disney theme is “Dressed Up”.

Pirates of the Caribbean has always been our favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom, long before the movies came out we were fascinated by pirates! Take a peek at this picture of Genius at 2 1/2 with her “Pirate Ears”.

Then of course we have her at 10 with a little more of an elaborate Pirate Costume on, hanging out with Mickey outside Lumieres on the Disney Magic.
This year, she has one of the Elizabeth Swann Chinese Pirate Costumes to wear for Pirate Night onboard. We’ll be sure to post some pictures of that when we return!

Last but not least “Dressed Up” certainly need not be a costume, right?

Check this out — Genius and Stitch “dressed up” for semi-formal dining with Goofy!

Let’s see your “Dressed Up” photos – Sign Mr. Linky at Destination Disney!

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