Destination Disney

Today’s Destination Disney is all about the Magic Kingdom!

I keep pulling older pictures up for these memes, because we’ve failed to take a lot of pictures in the last years we have gone. This December when we go, Genius will be taking her own camera that she received for her birthday along, so we will have a whole new take on things!

One of my favorite rides and pictures of the Magic Kingdom comes from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride —

And we were so excited when they started adding all this Lilo and Stitch to Magic Kingdom, and we could not leave the last time we went there without a picture with Pliekly.And last but not least — we have to take a picture of Cindy’s castle in the evening.
Do you want to see more pictures of the Magic Kingdom check out Heidi’s Destination Disney Meme over on her blog. Join in if you have fun pictures to post too!

2 thoughts on “Destination Disney

  1. Great picture of the castle. I need to learn how to take good night shots like that – just beautiful!
    Ian was looking at your pictures with me. He says that “creature” is “ewwww, yucky!” – his picture is in Ian’s Disney book and he says the same thing. He’s not familiar with Lilo and Stitch.
    When he saw the castle picture, he said “Dinney’s Work!” – that’s how he says Disney World. LOL Anyway, as I’m typing this, he’s saying “see pictures ‘gain” so I guess I need to stop typing and go look at your pictures.
    Thanks for taking part and for your feedback for next year. I appreciate it.

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