December is “Write To a Friend Month”

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Dear Blog Readers,
While I’d love to send each of you a handwritten letter, well it’s not going to happen, I imagine I’d get severe hand cramps doing that! This post though is to inspire you to break away from the computer, e-mail, Facebook and text messages for a time, and send a handwritten note to a friend this month.

Really they’re making it easy for you – it’s December, the month for Christmas cards and New Year’s wishes. And it was just the kick in the butt I needed to actually get some Christmas Cards mailed out to my friends and family.

Usually I type a letter of the year’s goings on, but I took the ‘write to a friend’ month, and while the notes were shorter, handwrote on ALL my Christmas cards.  Don’t fret it’s just the 21st…you still have 10 days to get something in the mail 🙂

You know what makes handwriting something much more fun? Colorful pens…really it does!

Gel pens, thin tipped markers, pencils, colored ballpoint ink….they all make it a bit easier to sit yourself down and write something heartfelt and allow you to be expressive in a letter or note. And who doesn’t like getting something in the mail box besides bills and junk mail? I have a smile on my face when I get a card or letter in the mail box.

With all this said, as a homeschooler, I look for every possible way for my daughter to engage in the creative process with writing and art on a daily basis. Sometimes though it can be a chore. So when we received all these great writing instruments, and erasers I put her to task to “Write to a Friend.” I expected a few statements like this to come out of her mouth…

But she happily went about her business and handmade a Christmas Card with a quite lengthy note inside for her bestie.

I still don’t know where she got this art gene from, neither my husband or I can draw much more than a stick figure!

It was all created with items from Write Dudes pencils, pens, markers and (gulp) erasers.

If you are still looking for some stocking stuffers for your kids, teens, or college students, these little items will make writing more fun for them! Hats off to the Write Dudes for thinking of making Sushi erasers and Neon Fashion Gel Ink Pens, so our kids will want to become more creative with words and drawings…the old fashioned way!

Write Dudes products inspired us this season to write to a friend. Let me know if your family will take some time out of their day to send a handwritten card to a friend or family member. They don’t have to live far away, even someone down the street likes to get mail!

I received samples of Write Dude products to inspire and create this holiday season. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links are used in this post. Published by Tammy Litke.

4 thoughts on “December is “Write To a Friend Month”

  1. A hand written letter is so personal, especially these days. Nobody does it anymore and it just shows you took extra time just for them.

  2. i am a big fan of the handwritten letter/card. I try to send out an unexpected card or letter to a various friend every week. Even with email etc there is nothing like opening your physical mailbox and finding a handwritten note to know someone is thinking of you

  3. how nice,that reminded me to write to my friends an let them know how much they mean to me

  4. I tried writing some hand written notes to friends a while back and they all thought I was dying! I guess my reminiscing of the old days was not a good thing.

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