Dawn Offers Free Certified Lesson Plans to Promote Wildlife Discussions

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At the beginning of April, the second installment of Junior Wildlife Champions education program (sponsored by Dawn) was launched. The program aims to guide parents and teachers to help teach Kindergarten through 5th grade students about the issues impacting wildlife.

There are FREE downloadable lesson plans thanks to Dawn, the Marine Mammal Center and International Bird Rescue, so that parents and teachers at home and in the classroom, can discuss the importance of helping to save and protect wildlife. HCM LLC has certified that the lesson plans meet National Science Educations standards for elementary school-aged children.

Bonus – those that download the lessons by May 4, 2012 can also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a special wildlife school assembly with Jarod Miller, Wildlife Champion and host of “Animal Exploration” AND a few of his animal friends!

You can find all the information at Facebook.com/DawnSavesWildlife.

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