Darth Paper Strikes Back – Review

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“Not such a long time ago, in a middle school not so far, far away…”

This is how the back cover of Darth Paper Strikes Back begins, and leads into the exciting tale that sequels The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

McQuarrie Middle School is the setting of the story, which is told in the format of a case file.  Origami Yoda is the hero of most of the kids at the school, as he gives advice that can save them from embarrassment and solve their problems.  Unfortunately, at the start of this book, Dwight (Origami Yoda’s creator) has been suspended from school and might be expelled!  That means no more Origami Yoda, and no more advice!

Even worse, Dwight’s nemesis Harvey has created an origami version of Darth Vader and suddenly McQuarrie finds itself plunged into a dark and terrible time.  The school board meeting to seal Dwight’s fate is fast approaching, and something has to be done to save him.  As a result, Tommy, his friend Kellen, and the other students of McQuarrie compile a case file of all of the good things Origami Yoda (and Dwight) have done to make their lives better.

Each of the individual stories of Darth Paper Strikes Back are creative and hilarious, tying the whole plot together, and leaving you wanting more of Origami Yoda.

Luckily, the book comes with instructions on an easy (only five folds!) way to make your own Origami Yoda, along with the plans for a ten fold Darth Paper.  Additionally, the story itself has a paper-and-pencil Star Wars game nestled in it for you to try out.

I definitely recommend this book to any Star Wars fans, as its sure to make you smile by the time you’re done.

Guest Post by Amber Litke

I received a complimentary copy of Darth Paper to review from Amulet Books.

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