Fun New Custom Floating Keychains to Promote Your Small Business

Until I owned my own small business I didn’t really understand the importance of items to promote it.  You know, the kinds of items you get in swag bags or pick up at the booths at trade shows and vendor fairs.  I never realized how much those little gifts could boost my marketing and really put my name into the thoughts of people who had yet to do business with me just by seeing the name or logo imprinted on an item.

There are standard things you pick up at these events or given to customers that are company branded.  But I recently saw an innovative item that would stand out and get used; .

You probably have received a logo keychain or two from a brand,  but they don’t have this.  Floating capabilities!  Everybody has keys, and a keychain that floats.. well that’s just genius.  You can promote your brand/company and provide a useful product to your clients and potential clients.

custom floating keychains

They’re made with a soft, colorful EVA foam, and the keychains have a non-slip surface.  The nautical rope and fob, create a style your customers will love.  They float approximately 4 to 6 keys, and are available in a wide range of cool colors.  Email or call and a representative will work with you to come up with just the right style for your business.  They even offer 100% satisfaction on your order!

These keychains are perfect for boat dealerships, water parks, hotels, and the like.  But even my small business, my LuLaRoe clothing boutique, could use these as a fun addition to the packages I send out every day.  I mean seriously, how awesome is that flip flop design?!  I’m thinking the LuLaRoe logo with my name and Facebook page on it, wouldn’t that be great?!

So if you’re looking for the coolest custom keychain around, I found them for you!  And they’re a great way to keep your logo and business at the top of people’s minds.   I can already see these custom floating keychains being a huge hit.  They make a fun giveaway for promos, company picnics, outdoor events, and more.

This is a sponsored post brought to you by , however all opinions in it are my own, and I think adding these to my business packages would be a really neat way to thank my customers while at the same time giving them something fun!

6 thoughts on “Fun New Custom Floating Keychains to Promote Your Small Business

  1. These are really cute to help promote business and I like that it is a floating key chain. What a great idea!

  2. Oh those are so cute! Would be a great way to keep your business in everyone’s minds!

  3. Love this one – the flipflop is cute and would have been perfect for my hubby’s last biz!

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