Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Solar Shield’s Iconic Collection Fit-Over Sunglasses

Why buy flowers or chocolate boxes this year when you can give the perfect accessory instead?!  Both practical and chic Solar Shield’s Iconic Collection Sunglasses will surely appeal to the fashionista.

So much better than something that will last more than a few days (I’d give the flowers longer than chocolate in my home!), Solar Shield’s new revolutionary line, Iconic Collection, fits over and clip on sunglasses.  These sunglasses are perfect for everyone, since those with 20/20 vision, contacts or prescription glasses, can wear them.  The progressive lens tint and frame technology, expert sun protection, and quality make Solar Shield the lead design of non-prescription reading glasses and sunglasses.

Solar Shield’s Iconic Collection won’t cramp anyone’s personal style, but will give them all-weather polarized lenses to provide protection for the active lifestyle, and eye-catching trend-forward features with youth-appealing shapes that keeps style going strong.  These sunglasses come in 6 sunglass fit-overs that feature classic sunglass shapes and have become favorites over generations and genders.

One of the color palettes and styles they come in are the Iconic Santa Monica Caramel/Amber.  These days I rarely wear my contact lenses any more and while Transition lenses have gotten better over the years, I still prefer my glasses with out the tinting.  Driving and being outside have been a challenge on sunny days for me and until I was introduced to the Iconic Collection, I resorted to using fit over sunglasses that were bulky and unattractive, not really a good look for anyone.  Now I can just toss the Santa Monica sunglasses in my bag and have them at the ready for a walk in the park or for everyday driving, all the while protecting my eyes and looking far from average while doing so.    Can you see my prescription glasses underneath?!

In addition to the fact that fit over sunglasses just got a lot prettier with Solar Shield’s Iconic Collection, they have all the best-loved features of the traditional Solar Shield fit overs: Light weight, polarized to block glare, offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and feature scratch-resistant lenses with 10% light transmission.

To Buy: $26.95; solarshield.com.

4 thoughts on “Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Solar Shield’s Iconic Collection Fit-Over Sunglasses

  1. Those look like such a nice quality pair of sunglasses! I like that these lenses are scratch resistant!

  2. These are really gorgeous sunglasses and I looked at the site and these sunglasses are not expensive! I would love to get a pair. They look good to protect the eyes.

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