Crest Sensi-Stop Strips

I don’t know if you’ve ever had tooth sensitivity at all, but I have a couple of spots in my mouth that given the chance I could complain about a lot when it comes to the pain that occurs when I eat or drink something really cold, or when I go to the dentist.

I recently tried out a Crest Sensi-Stop Strip on my teeth. 

I wasn’t exactly sure how it would work, but after applying, keeping the strip on for 10 minutes, and then waiting the 30 minutes after taking it off, I bit straight into a frozen iced novelty bar.  Now generally this would produce quite a sharp pain in a couple of teeth, but somehow the Crest Sensi-Stop Strip made it so that I could bite right into it and like magic … no pain! 

The active ingredient in Crest Sensi-Stop Strips is oxalate.  The strips build a lasting barrier that helps stop sensitivity pain by blocking tubules.  The Sensi-Stop Strips are supposed to relieve pain for up to 30 days, with the use of similar oxalate products, but results vary.  That much time hasn’t passed yet since when I first applied the strip, so I can’t say if they really keep the sensitivity dulled that long or not.

I think Crest Sensi-Stop Strips have turned out to be my salvation from tooth sensitivity pain, and I’m confident I’ll finally be able to visit the dentist without worrying about how much it’s going to hurt when the dentist hits that certain place on my teeth.

The 6 ct sample of Crest Sensi-Strips retail at $19.99, which could potentially keep your tooth sensitvity at bay for up to 6 months.

No more of the fear that accompanies a dental visit for me.  I am going to use the Crest Sensi-Stop Strips before an appointment and just settle back into that chair and listen to the muzak.  I’m going to keep using them because they work for me!

I received samples of Crest Sensi-Stop Strips at no cost to myself, from Smiley360.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced by products received for review. You can join Smiley360 here!

5 thoughts on “Crest Sensi-Stop Strips

  1. Wow, that is awesome! I have really, really sensitive teeth and it drives me up a wall. I didn't know a product that blocks tubules is all it takes to fix a problem I've had for so many years!

  2. You have beautiful teeth. (I notice it so strongly because right now I can't stand my teeth!) I love how easy this strip is to use, and I'm glad to hear that it made a positive impact for you.

  3. I always seem to have tooth sensitivity when it comes to whitening. It's great that Crest seems to have taken that into consideration and come up with an easy solution.

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