Creative Journaling, Scripture Journaling and Gel Pen Project Art Sets

I was sent these publications to try out for the purpose of sharing my thoughts. Opinions are 100% my own.  Affiliate links are used in this post, if you click on them and happen to purchase something I will make a small referral fee from that – so thank you!

We are excited to be partnering on THREE fantastic art set and project books from the creative minds behind SILVER DOLPHIN BOOKS and THUNDER BAY PRESS.  

I enjoy coloring in adult coloring books, so was excited to have a new one to color in.  The KALEIDOSCOPE FABULOUS GEL PEN COLORING SET comes with a tablet style booklet and 8 gel pens. 

The ink flows smoothly from these pens when compared with other sets I own.  I found that they leave a smooth look even if used in a larger area.  I also didn’t find the ink to smear at all, although you will pick up some glitter on your hands from the glitter ones.

For the most part in my adult coloring endeavors so far, I’ve just done the childhood expectation of coloring within the lines.  This Kaleidoscope Coloring Kit encourages you to not just color but use doodling patterns within the coloring page to make the picture even more unique.  I admit to finding that a stretch to my creativity at the beginning, only following along with what was already patterned for me on the page for practice.  But as I worked on the picture, I found myself doodling some patterns that were demonstrated at the beginning of the booklet. 

Check out these swirls I decorated the dove with!

I’m not quite finished this page yet, but am enjoying creatively coloring it and am excited to see the end result!

Something I’ve been wanting to try my hand at but haven’t until now is Scripture Journaling.  Mostly my hang up was “where do I start?”  For people like me who just need a little help to begin there is this SCRIPTURE JOURNALING SET.  In this kit you get 3 double ended pencil crayons, a thin felt tipped pen, 2 rolls of washi tape, a few sheets of stickers, a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book to give you ideas and tips to begin scripture journaling.  It all comes in a nice little case type package to store it in.

The pages in the journal are lightly lined, which doesn’t really prevent you from drawing, but does help with writing. FYI: The paper is relatively heavy but I still found a bit of bleed through on the opposite side, not enough to prevent me to use the backside of the page though for something other than another drawing.  Since this is my first time journaling I may have just been pressing too hard also.  The colored pencil was not scratchy and had good coverage.

There are so many things that you can do with scripture journaling and the stickers included have options for prayer lists, sermon notes and just to add extra embellishments to your journaling.  One of the best tips in the project book though was; if you don’t know where to start just start with a Bible Verse.  I found this cute pin on Pinterest (there was no link to the original artist), and put my hand to it 🙂

scripture journaling

The CREATIVE JOURNALING SET  allows you to create a journal in your own style with stickers, tape, and lots of color.

Capture your mood or record your thoughts in any way you like with the Creative Journaling Set! This fun kit comes with a 112-page journal and a 48-page project book full of ideas for decorating the journal pages. With the enclosed stickers, washi tape, colored pencils, and pen, journaling becomes a creative and rewarding activity rather than a chore. The journal can be used as a diary, a daily planner, an organizer, or anything else your imagination can produce!

I’ve seen friends of mine post photos of their Bullet Journals on social media and the idea has always intrigued me. 

I started out simple with just making a task list for the day.  My Bible reading in the top corner, home tasks that needed to get done, antibiotic medications that I have a tendency to forget to take on time 😉 and if I actually got around to it, some extra tasks that I could tackle (I’m thinking those will never get done!).   The graph lines on the pages make it easy to separate you page into blocks or grids.

I’m hoping to get more creative and elaborate as I keep journaling, using the ideas in the included guide to help me out with that.

The felt tip pen again in this kit, had a bit of bleed through, although the pages are quite a good weight.   I have had good luck with Gelly Roll Pens on thinner papers, so I may just go ahead and use those for my outlines and writing in these journals.  

Any of these sets would make fantastic Christmas or birthday presents.  These titles are  readily available via national bookstore chains, independent bookstores and online.  I have the titles all linked to Amazon above 🙂 .

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