Counting Down to Alaska

I’m so excited – we’re officially counting down the days to our Alaskan Cruise on the Disney Wonder.  Less than 3 months to go!!

While we always enjoy our cruises this one will be a bit more special than a few of our other ones.  Since the ship is porting out of Vancouver, British Columbia we’re flying in a few days earlier to spend some time with relatives.  Both Hubby and I have aunts, uncles and cousins there that we haven’t seen in years, so it will be great to catch up with them all.

The other reason this one will be memorable is because my mom and dad are joining us.  Usually one of us is hosting the other, so this will be a great time where no one needs to cook or clean up for anyone, just seven days to enjoy each others company.  The last night of the cruise they’ll be celebrating their 47th anniversary also.

We booked an inside cabin on this cruise.  Partially because of cost but also because we like to have it dark in the mornings so we can sleep a bit later after being busy the day before.  We had a verandah cabin on our Mediterranean cruise and honestly we didn’t use it that much because we preferred to spend our time on the more open Decks of the ship.

My parents though booked a cabin with a verandah.  I know some of them have a Deck Railing that is solid on the bottom and others that have Plexiglas.  If they have the Plexiglas kind, we may be hanging out in their cabin when we go through the inside passage.  Hopefully their cabin will be on the “right” side of the ship!  Nothing like paying a premium price for a cabin and looking at pine trees instead of glaciers!