Have You Thought of Cord Blood Banking?

Sponsored Post: This post is sponsored by StemCyte through DataRank but the opinions expressed here are my own.

When one considers the leaps made in technology and products over the decades, 20 years ago can seem like the stone age with certain things.  In 1996 when our daughter was born there were no baby monitors with video cameras, instant formula machines or fancy car seat systems.  Like wise I had never even heard of cord blood banking, much less knew what it was.my-babyA few years ago I had read a news article about cord blood banking and was instantly intrigued.

Cord blood banking is the process of preserving and storing umbilical cord stem cells (immature, undifferentiated cells) for later use in the event of catastrophic illness or major medical necessities. Umbilical cord stem cells can be used to replace damaged or diseased cells in the body, making them an invaluable treatment option for you and your family.

Last year when a friend’s son was diagnosed with leukemia, it brought to mind cord blood banking.  What if that were my child?  What if she needed a cell transplant?  What if we couldn’t find a matching donor?  It’s something I wish I had known about 19 years ago, and had the option to consider when our daughter was born.SCAN0117Cord blood banking is something that can be potentially very helpful in some devastating medical scenarios.  In recent decades, stem cells have been used to treat certain blood diseases, cancers and immune disorders.  If you could possibly make your child’s life better…wouldn’t you want the chance to do that?  What about another family member?  Or how about someone else’s child?  Cord blood donation is just another way how blood donation helps others. With cord blood donation you are looking at a helping way to possibly treat another child’s disease, including cancer.

Once you have made an informed decision to bank or donate your child’s cord blood you need to find a trusted facility to store it.   StemCyte is a company that offers just that.

Using a proprietary stem cell optimization process that consistently delivers cell recovery of 99% or higher, StemCyte offers one of the highest numbers of viable stem cells – functional, usable cells preserved years or even decades after their banking – in the industry.

StemCyte’s U.S. facility has also maintained accreditation by FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy) since 2006. StemCyte was the first cord blood bank in the world to receive accreditation in all three cord blood banking activities: unrelated, family-related, and autologous cord blood. FACT is known for international standardization of clinical and laboratory practices for all cellular therapies.

I view cord blood banking as a type of insurance policy against serious medical conditions that could effect a child’s health in the future.

To learn more about cord blood banking or free cord blood donation, please indicate your interest by visiting this web page: https://secure.stemcyte.com/babiesrus/.

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