Clipless. Top or Bottom. Secure Your Phone to Your Clothes.

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So, I get this e-mail newsletter from a research company called TRU, that polls young people on all different kinds of topics.  In these newsletters they also have a ‘Trend Tracker,’ where they list a few things that are up and coming to those young folk.

This last newsletter had something called “Clipless” featured in it. Users simply place a small disc inside their garment and place the Clipless unit on the outside. Smartphones can then be affixed to the Clipless and removed effortlessly.  It uses a magnet based system, and from their video it looks like it’s really secure.

Clipless was actually a Kickstarter project and in less than 30 days they met more than their $25,000 goal to fund them. 

I was just really intrigued by this and wanted to share it with you because I’m sure a lot of you are like me and your smart phone goes with you pretty much everywhere, and Clipless seems like a pretty neat way to take it with you and secure it in a neat way.  Especially for us moms where often our hands are quite full! 

Is this a product you would use?

17 thoughts on “Clipless. Top or Bottom. Secure Your Phone to Your Clothes.

  1. That is a great idea, I'm forever losing my cell phone, I need something to keep it attached.

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