Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther

Recently released in March of this year; Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther, by Ginger Garrett, is the story of Esther retold in a first-person diary format. 

It is a introspective look into what the daily life of young Esther might have been like in King Xerxes palace.  The detail of what the ladies in the palace went through in the way of beauty treatments is very interesting.  And we thought were a new thing!  Honey and plants, herbs and roots all were used in their daily routines. 

Chosen is being released as part of Garrett’s series based on the great loves of the Bible:

  • Esther, who loved a king who refused to give his whole heart to her
  • Jezebel, who loved Ahab but destroyed him in pursuit of her own dynasty
  • Delilah, who loved Samson but sentenced him to die because of her fear

This is the second of Garrett’s books that I have read, the first being In The Arms of Immortals.  She just has an incredible way of writing that draws you in.  Both books I finished reading within a day, being that they were so gripping I couldn’t put them down.

When you are finished reading the book, you are faced with the stark reality that God really does use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.  Garrett is able to capture Esther’s inner strength and reliance on the Lord throughout the pages, giving a whole new meaning to women’s liberation.

Chosen is available at and other online bookstores.

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