Choosing Your First Designer Bag: A Quick Guide

Choosing your very first designer handbag is a process that shouldn’t be rushed. Some people are very aware of their own style and are quick to choose, but when it comes to a designer handbag, it is worth taking the time to consider things like your budget, which type of bag you would make the most use out of, and styling choices. Here is a quick guide to help you in making the right choice in your first designer handbag.

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Setting a Budget

First things first, choose a budget that isn’t going to leave you paying off your credit card for a year! It might be worth asking for a designer handbag for a birthday or the holiday season. Your first designer handbag one you can find; it is perfectly fine for you to aim for a handbag in the sales, or one that is a few hundred dollars. Cost isn’t everything, and you can get gorgeous designer handbags from many of the leading fashion designers for a reasonable price. Remember, you pay for quality and you get quality.

Type of Bag

Next, you need to choose the style and type of bag that will work best for you. We all have our own unique styles and we use handbags for different reasons. This will ultimately lead to a handbag that suits you. There are plenty to choose from; large tote bags, small clutch bags and designer backpacks to name a few.

If you need it for school, work or every day, think about the size of the bag and what you usually carry. Once you have chosen a certain type of bag, you can begin to think about the color scheme.

Color Scheme

One of the most important choices is the color of the handbag. Depending on what you want the bag for can again help you decide on the color scheme. It may not be suitable to get a bright and bold handbag for a professional office worker, yet it may depend on how your fellow colleagues dress and how casual you can be for work.

This handbag is a , so go with what you like best. It may not be a conventional handbag, but if it works for you, then who cares! Be unique and be you; you are spending a lot of money on this, so you want to be happy and feel confident using your bag. A designer handbag can make any outfit pop and can really make you feel good when using it. This is what you want to feel when you look at your new bag.

Choosing a Brand

With so many different designers to choose from, this part can be difficult. There may already be a designer that you like or follow, or you may want to try something completely different. Saint Laurent bags are incredibly stylish, practical and in a range of different styles. If you are looking for a designer bag, look no further than SSENSE. They are home to the most popular Saint Laurent bags from camera bags to belt bags. For your first designer handbag, you really can’t go wrong with a , all of which are great handbags in their own right. If you want to stand out and find a designer handbag that you love to use each day, choose one of these bags.

Consider Outfit Choices

It is all well and good choosing a designer handbag that you adore, but have you considered your outfit choices? Some handbags are more lively or unique than others, meaning that it may not go with every outfit you wear. Look at your usual outfit choices and consider whether the bag you have chosen will go with any of them. If you are wanting a bag for the office Monday-Friday, you don’t want something that clashes with your office outfits.

If you are looking for a designer handbag for special occasions such as parties or weddings, a brighter handbag may work as you can dress around the bag. Try not to choose a handbag you are going to greatly struggle to style, as it may be that you don’t get the use out of your handbag that you wanted. If you wear a lot of bright colors, a bright handbag may clash too much. Be honest with yourself; you aren’t going to change your fashion sense for a bag. As you are paying a lot of money, it is worth seriously thinking about styling.

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This guide should help you with finding a designer handbag that works for you and your needs. This is an exciting decision and one that needs to feel right before purchase. Consider the style and how it suits your daily life, as well as the price and brand.

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  1. I know these can be so expensive! I think color is one of the most important aspects–a lot of bags look old-fashioned just because of the color!

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