CHIMPANZEE on Blu-ray & DVD 8/21

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Disneynature is the studio that has brought us many inspirational and informative films about the wildlife on our planet, including Earth, Oceans, and African Cats. It released its newest film last Earth Day, and now Chimpanzee is being released on DVD on August 21st for everyone to enjoy in their homes.

This movie follows the incredible story of a chimp named Oscar and his family as they travel through the African rain forest trying to survive. The whole thing is narrated by Tim Allen in a way that keeps you interested and also makes the day-to-day living of these chimpanzees incredibly entertaining. I personally enjoyed the film, even as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of animals.

The cinematography is fantastic.  The colors and scope are almost unbelievable.  The images on the Blu-ray are so sharp it’s almost as if the chimps are in the room with you!

Perhaps even more incredible than the story itself are the people who went and filmed it, spending three long years surviving in the rain forest in order to capture this tale so that we could see it. The bonus features on the DVD are enlightening to the process and the obstacles the filmmakers had to overcome to finish filming this story.

Also included on the Chimpanzee Blu-ray Combo Pack is the music video fro the song “Rise” which was written and performed by the McClain Sisters, plus a feature on Disney’s conservation legacy.

And Now it’s Time to Get Down to MONKEY Business!

We’ve got a whole lot of cuteness to share with you from the DVD.

This is a great DVD to use in your homeschool lessons, and don’t forget to download the activity sheets and educator’s guide to go with the movie, that I have on my site. Chimpanzee will be available at retailers nationwide and online on August 21st.

Content and/or value provided by our partner, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

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