Cheeto Stains vs. Resolve Vlog

This is a sponsored video for Resolve that I have been compensated for & received free product for through Burst Media.

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Quite honestly I thought that when Amber got older I’d have less stains to manage in my laundry.  WRONG!  And the ironic part is… it’s the grown man in the house that causes my anguish with most of them.  Is it really that hard to take a napkin?!!  The latest stain I found in my laundry basket was greasy and orange and I took the Resolve to it.

28 thoughts on “Cheeto Stains vs. Resolve Vlog

  1. I've fallen in love with Resolve. I pulled my son's jacket out of the closet and it was dirty from last winter. I sprayed Resolve came back 5 minutes later and scrubbed a bit pulled it out and it looks brand new/ LUV IT/

  2. My problem is that mystery fluid that gets on your pants during the winters here in SD. It is a combo of dirt, road salt, car grease and that something extra. I will try Resolve real son.

  3. I use that resolve ALL the time — it's just about the best at stain removal.

    Side-note … your husband's shirt looks like it could fit 3 or 4 of you in it! 🙂

  4. I have had my fair share of Cheeto stains. I know all too well how tough they can be, but I do love my Resolve for any potential battle.

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