Camilla d’Errico–Unique Art Work

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If you combine a touch of manga, a dash of nature and a little out of the ordinary into a piece of art, you probably have come across the work of Camilla d’Errico.

Camilla was often doodling dragons on her textbooks in school rather than reading them, and after attending her first San Diego Comic Con, it was confirmed that an artist with roots of comic and manga she would be.

She has a client list that includes well known companies such as Dark Horse Comics, Random House, Hasbro, Disney, she also works with video game and movie companies on character development.

For those that appreciate this type of art, the vibrant colors just come out at you.  Her unique style makes the work recognizable. When I first saw her work I was blown away.  This was a bit of a surprise because I’m generally not drawn to manga type artwork, but I see a lot of it because my daughter loves it.

You’ll notice a recurring them in d’Errico’s art, where nature and humans entwine.  Animals become headgear in a completely meshed in way, where you’re not quite sure where they begin and where they end (if they do!).  She also has some work that I would describe as somewhat ‘steam punk’ if you will.  Some of her work is adult oriented just so you are aware.

If there is someone on your list that appreciates unique art work you may want to check out the many offerings Camilla has in her shop.  From her comics and prints, to clothing and handbags, you might find just the right gift for that hard to shop for person.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I wrote this feature on behalf of Camilla d’Errico and was supplied with a press samples and information through her, the review and opinions are my own.

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