Cakedy: Is it a Candy Bar or a Cake? Giveaway

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Ever since I first heard about Cakedy, I wanted to try them. The description of a gourmet cake, frosting and candy shell – well that sounds pretty heavenly doesn’t it?

They arrived in my mail box the other day, and I promptly put them in my freezer as the instructions indicated I may want to do because of shipping temperatures and all. After allowing it to chill off in it for a couple of hours I tried them out.

And why is this one of the most dangerous edible items in the world? Because they are tasty!

Remember the cake pops you made for your sister’s bridal shower? Well, take those, make them larger, and yeah…no work for you…



I’m not lying when I say that you may put a few pounds on with these.

Want me to type it one more time? Okay, I will. Cakedy Candy Bars are such goodness that when you open them they won’t last very long before they are eaten all up.

So right now they come in Redhead (strawberry), Peanutter, Choco Chocatus and Vanocolate. I got to try the Peanutter and Redhead. Both were scrumptious but the Peanutter did win any competition we might have had between the two.

Disclosure: I was sent samples of Cakedy for this review.

I am giving away two sample bars of Cakedy Candy Bars from

In the Rafflecopter Form below tell me what two flavors you would like to try the most (your choices will be noted, but I can’t guarantee that’s what you’ll receive if you win).

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