Buttoned Up Organizational Boot Camp

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Back in June I ran a giveaway for a DIY Buttoned Up Boot Camp.  The purpose of the Boot Camp is simple; to help busy people get sanely organized.  Since we were smack-dab in the middle of our move to Texas at the time I didn’t start my Button Up Boot Camp until we were settled in our new home and was hoping this organizational resource would help me to keep my head above water.

So after using it for 30 days what do I think?  I LOVE the concept of it.  It was a non-overwhelming streamlined way to organize not just my home, but my daily time in general.  When I sit back and evaluate it now that it’s done, I also realize it was kind of fun too.

Seeing as we had just gotten rid of a lot of clutter and things when we moved, I didn’t have as much work as I might have had, but interestingly enough when I followed the program, I still found things that we packed and dragged along with us that with honest objectivity through the Boot Camp, wondered why I bothered keeping it.  And so we’ve already started a Goodwill box with donations.

Even though you do the Boot Camp on your own, it’s VERY comprehensive in that it doesn’t just help you organize your home, but your tasks and to-dos and meals as well. 

Throughout the thirty days of the program I only had one issue and that was that sometimes the daily task e-mails didn’t seem to get to me for some reason.  Since you can log in to your account on Buttoned Up’s website it’s not a huge issue, I just found that I forgot to check it if I didn’t get that e-mail, and then some days I would need to double up on the task (there is an option to delay the task for a few days before you “check in”, so one need not do more than they have time for in a single day). 

So whether you need a major detox of your home or schedule or you just need a small push to get going, Buttoned Up Boot Camps come in all shapes and sizes and start at $27.00.

How do you set the stage when it comes to organization?

29 thoughts on “Buttoned Up Organizational Boot Camp

  1. I have a large calendar that keeps me somewhat organized. It houses tons of post it notes with reminders and important memos so I don't miss deadlines or appointments.

  2. I try my hardest to stay organized! I keep appointments on a calendar that I look at daily.

  3. I wish I could say our house stayed organized but usually it lasts about a few days. This sounds like it was made for us.

  4. This sounds like a product that would be very helpful. Most of the time am pretty organized but then there are those times that I suck at it.

  5. I could definitely use this. I am about to lose my mind with all of the clutter in my house! Also, with 2 kids, my ability to organize my tasks and appointments has gone downhill – I could use a refresher and some new tips!

  6. I am doing this too {had to pause it a couple of weeks, so I've only done two days' worth} and love hearing that you loved it- I'm so excited to try it! I could use some more streamlining for sure.

  7. I keep looking for that one magic thing that is going to keep me organized. Maybe this is it. I will definitely check it out.

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