Bound For Barcelona – Another Day at Sea

The day in Madeira tuckered us out a bit after six days at sea!  So it was nice to be able to recoup from all that walking and rest again today.

Disney brought one of their imagineers on board to give some seminars, Gary Landrum.  Gary gave a presentation of a visual behind the scenes look at how fairy tale castles were deigned and created to be the focal point of Disney Magic Kingdoms throughout the world.

We’ve never been to Disneyland in Paris, but thanks to Gary Landrum we learned there is a little surprise under Sleeping Beauty’s castle in EuroDisney….

CC BY 2.0

 Amber’s birthday was the 25th of April, which was the day after we disembarked from the ship.  We wanted to do something special for her on the cruise, since that was her birthday gift.  (That sounds funny, so let me clarify, the cruise itself wasn’t taken as her birthday gift, but because we went on the cruise she didn’t get a birthday gift from us, lol!)  I put in a special order with our head server for this delightful dessert for her!


It was a giant chocolate chip cookie shaped like a Mickey Mouse head!  The ship piece you see on top is made of chocolate.

Cookies aren’t the only thing they whip out of the kitchen giant size, look at the size of this blackberry that was in my Pear & Blackberry Crumble for dessert that evening!

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