Boost Your Creativity with Animated Slideshow

Animated Slideshow

The modern world keeps giving us more and more exciting platforms and know-hows to express our creativity. Making something with your hands is very rewarding. It helps to release stress, improve your mood, and finally, to create amazing presents for your loved ones. Whether you are an enthusiast looking for a way to put your energy into the right track, or a graphic designer searching for new ideas and inspiration, you are on the right page. Let’s make an animated slideshow together with – a program that contains everything one needs for a great slideshow. Pre-designed animation effects for those in a hurry, creative designing option for the ones who got a visit from their muse and simple interface for everyone to master.

1. Two Is Better Than One: Use Both Photos and Videos

Firstly, find an exciting theme for your slideshow. Perhaps, someone’s birthday is coming up or your best friend just got married – come up with an idea you would like to implement and picture it in your head. Now it is time to select the best photos and videos for your work: make sure they are in good quality and capture the greatest parts of the event. Drag the images and videos to the storyline and put them in the logical order: it can be time ordered, divided into various important life moments or any other depending on your vision, for example, the most significant accomplishments or future plans and dreams.

2. No Time to Be Creative? Check Out Pre-Designed Animations

The hardest part is behind, let’s get to the fun one – animation. However, if you are not in the mood to work on each and every slide, check out the pre-designed animation effects. They are very easy to apply – you simply drag them to a certain picture and that’s it. You can rotate your slide, make it suddenly appear out of nowhere, or add falling leaves or sparkles for a romantic slideshow with animation

3. How to Highlight the Best Parts? Take Advantage of Designing Options

In case you have time and desire to create something unique, click Edit Slide and discover many useful designing settings. If you have ever worked in Photoshop, you must be familiar with Layers, if not, the program makes it quite easy to grasp. Go to Add Layer and select Highlights and Textures. Here you have three options: Highlights to redirect focus to a certain part of the picture, Colored to brighten up your image with some vivid tones and Vintage to add a mysterious aged look.

4. Don’t Hide Behind a Mask: Put It on Your Slides

Do you want your images to appear in a cute heart or in a big star? Don’t close the previous window, where you will find the Mask Layers which are going to make your photo slideshow animation more exciting and professional-looking. Choose a mask from a big variety: whirlpool, heart, old film, or rectangle, and don’t forget to tick the corresponding box to apply one you like. Additionally, use the keyframes to move the mask around and bring your slides to life. 

5. Still Too Boring? Try Fade-in and Fade-out Effects

Already looks great but still a bit stale? In the same window go to the Animation tab and click on Layer Fade-In and Fade-out. Here you will discover lots of ways to make your slideshow animation more dynamic and lively. Make your image fade in a cloud, heart, or swirl and fall apart into pixels or particles.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our little guide on how to make an animated slideshow and are ready to try it out yourself. Being crafty and expressing your creative side is very important and satisfying. It is a great way to surprise your friends and family on their special day and create an unforgettable lifelong memory. Have an inspiring day!

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